March 2012 | Special Edition: Disaster Law – Preparing Law Firms and Clients for Issues in Cyberspace


Disaster Response and Preparedness

By Micah U. Buchdahl, Issue Editor

Look at it this way…if the United States Government can’t stop WikiLeaks, and companies such as Sony and Visa have fallen prey to damaging cyber-attacks, what chance does your law firm have? With advances in technology come new threats and challenges. Few are properly protected.

Hosting A Law Firm Web Site – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

By Peter K. Suh, J.D.

After spending a boatload of money on your law firm's web site, crafting the bios and retouching the photos, few examine the importance of having a proper host. But the wrong one can cost you money, time, reputation and potential business.

Cybersecurity for Attorneys: Understanding the Ethical Obligations

By David G. Ries

As attorneys continue to embrace the latest technology, it is critical to understand and address the ethical obligations that go with it—from SmartPhones and cloud computing to laptops and USB drives—at the core is a duty of confidentiality.

Facebook's IPO 'Status' Will Update Users' Privacy'Like' It or Not

By J. Max Romanik, J.D. and Nishamarie B. Sherry, J.D.

On any given day about 483 million Facebook users are updating their statuses, posting comments, uploading pictures, or just checking up on what their friends are doing. What many of these users may not realize is that they are Facebook's product.


The New Law Firm Challenge: Confronting the Rise of Cyber Attacks and Preventing Enhanced Liability

By David Mandell, J.D. and Karla Schaffer, J.D.

Law firms are increasingly becoming attractive targets to hackers for the valuable client data on their servers.

The Practice of Disaster Law

By Clifford J. Villa

9/11…Katrina…the BP Oil Spill…Few of us probably want to say that our primary practice area is "Disaster Law," but the reality is that it is an increasingly potent area of focus for many law firms. Clifford Villa tells us that 2011 was an unprecedented year for disasters in the United States, and unfortunately, like death and taxes—it likely will continue to grow.

Network Risk Insurance: Privacy & Security Exposures and Solutions for Law Firms

By Kevin P. Kalinich

With increased use of technology comes greater risk that ethical and regulatory obligation to the client—from the confidentiality of the attorney-client relationship to maintaining sensitive information—can be compromised. Properly protecting the law firm and the client is critical.

Using the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act to Protect Law Firm Data

By Lori Romer Stone, J.D.

There are federal statutes that can help a law firm prosecute rogue employees, who could be taking critical data with them, or damage systems and files on the way out the door.

Hewlett Packard

Domestic Cybersecurity Requires Clearer Federal Roles and Responsibilities

By Peter Fox, J.D.

The increasing prevalence and impact of cyber attacks within the United States has led to growing concern over the strength of domestic cyber defenses.

Competing Interests: Enforcing Cybersecurity and Protecting Privacy

By Ulka Ghanta, J.D.

What is "reasonable" when balancing privacy rights with a need to enforce Cyber security? The 9/11 attacks forever altered the scope of privacy protections. And the courts and Congress continue to seek a proper middle ground.

Protecting U.S. "Cyberspace": How the Notion of an Internet "Kill Switch" Sidetracked the National Asset Act

By Markus Rauschecker, J.D.

Is the United States prepared to defend against a cyber attack of epic proportion? The downside of cyber advancements are that a successful attack could threaten our Civilian infrastructure, costing us billions of dollars and many lives.


Partner Advice for Newer Lawyers

By John D. Bowers

We asked practicing partners for marketing wisdom and practical professional development tips for attorneys who have recently made partner. Our colleagues resounded the gong "it's all about relationships" and generously offered up sage counsel from their hard-earned experience.





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