Law Practice Today | December 2012 | A New Years Resolution: Time Management Tips
December 2012 | A New Years Resolution: Time Management Tips
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A Tribute to Gary Munneke

By Micah Buchdahl, Editor in Chief, Law Practice Today


A Legal Case for Social Collaboration; Becoming More Efficient in Less Time

By Daanish Khan

Social media has grown well beyond Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as businesses increasingly use sophisticated social collaboration tools to increase productivity and efficiency.  Law firms in particular stand to reap great rewards from taking advantage of today’s new and secure social collaboration platforms.

How to Do 90 Minutes of Work in 60 Minutes

By Daniel J. Siegel

Becoming more efficient doesn’t require a large investment in new technology. Instead, a little training in how to use the technology already at your fingertips will save you more time than you might imagine.

Making Time for Marketing: Focus and Repurpose

By Allison C. Shields

Many lawyers feel they don't have enough time in the day to do outstanding legal work and market for new business. But by focusing your time on the core marketing work of building relationships and developing (and reusing) content, and delegating the rest to the professionals, you can maximize your marketing time and still deliver great work for your clients.

Manage Your Time By Eliminating "Shoplifters" From Your Practice

By Alec R. Borenstein

Nothing is more precious to an attorney than time, but just about every law practice battles with two common time thieves: bad cases and poor email management. Follow these tips to help banish these time shoplifters from your practice.

Manage Your Time For An Effective Practice, Reduced Stress, and A Successful Personal Brand

By Katy Goshtasbi

Lawyers’ lives often are inherently stressful. Unless and until you learn to reduce the stressors that affect the personal “brand” you portray to clients and colleagues, your practice is likely to suffer. Here are tips for better managing your time and the common stress factors that lawyers experience.

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New Year's Resolutions for Marketing Success

By Ed Poll

If your new year's resolutions include promises to do more marketing and a better job of it, increase your chances of success by following the five criteria of the marketing process, and the five elements of creating a successful marketing plan.


How To Get Paid: Nine Steps To Take This Year

By Allison C. Shields

Cash flow problems at law firms almost always stem from failure to set proper expectations at the very beginning of the client relationship. Here are nine steps you can take to increase client satisfaction, run a smoother practice, and get paid in full and on time.


Simple Project Management Tools for Your Practice

By Josh Poje

Lawyers may not see themselves as project managers, but virtually any practice can benefit from the useful and easy-to-use project management tools currentl on the market.


Francine Friedman Griesing

Interviewed by Susan Letterman White

Francine Friedman Greising, the founder of Griesing Law, LLC in Philadelphia, sits down with Susan Letterman White, founder of Letterman White Consulting.

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