Law Practice Today | August 2012 | Survival Guide for Young Lawyers: Taking Charge of Your Career
August 2012 | Survival Guide for Young Lawyers: Taking Charge of Your Career
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This is the second issue in the series, Survival Guide for Young Lawyers, which focuses on the issues and challenges specific to new attorneys.


Elevate Your Career by Getting Involved

By Mavis Gragg

Career advancement doesn't necessarily mean billing more. Often times the key to professional development - and career satisfaction - can be community involvement. Getting involved is a great way to develop skills as a lawyer, gain leadership experience and build relationships.

Lost in Translation: Communication Tips for Summer Associates and New Lawyers

By Benjamin Potts

Sometimes, it takes the beginner's eye to see what should seem obvious to the seasoned practitioner. You may be surprised what you've overlooked when you put the basics back into focus.

Going solo? Go niche! Why Selecting a Niche Practice Over a General Practice is a Favorable Option for a New (or Any Solo) Attorney

By Ezekiel Callanan

Finding a job in the current legal market can be an overwhelming idea. Add to that the hope of finding something you'll actually enjoy and the chances seem even slimmer. Not so, though, if you find the area of practice that is your perfect fit.

Y1 Reflections: Can You Handle the Truth?

By John S. Gannon

A new lawyer reflects on his first year of practice and realizes that, while it may not be as glamorous as the silver screen portrays, a life in the law is more fulfilling than any fictional account could convey.

Make it Count: Practical Ways to Make Lasting Impressions

By Latasha L. McCrary

In a competitive market, it's important that lawyers take advantage of opportunities to make a favorable impression. Often times it can be the simple things - treating others with respect, responding to inquiries promptly and being prepared, that will make a lasting impression.

Tips and Strategies for Getting Overflow Work from Other Attorneys

By Monica Kinene

Networking means many things to many people. One of the often overlooked benefits of making connections with other lawyers is referrals for overflow work. This can be a delicate task, though, as it requires the referral source to trust that you will return the client once the work is complete.

Talk Your Way to the Top: 7 Practical Tips on Disproving Assumptions About Young Attorneys Through Clear and Strategic Communication

By Chelsea E. Callanan

Much ink has been spilled on the topic of generational differences. In the practice of law, though, communication between lawyers in different age groups is a critical career skill. Once armed with some perspective of the assumptions that senior attorneys may have about their junior reports, they both can work to dispel those myths.

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Be Smart—Start Your Practice With a Plan

By Ed Poll

As law firm hiring continues to decrease, more law school graduates are hanging their own shingle. To be successful young solos need motivation, commitment, capital - and most importantly, a plan.

Law Firm Leadership: Creating a Culture Where People Do What They Say

By Rich Goldstein

Tired of getting a "Yes", but not getting what was "promised"? Adopt a a system where the person feels comfortable to say "No". Giving the choice to say "No" will get you more true "Yeses" than ever before.


Predictive Coding What's New and What You Need to Know

By Christopher Spizzirri

Technology-assisted review or predictive coding are not new, but implementing workflow processes may offer opportunities for saving both time and costs.


Retta A. Miller

Interviewed by Rachelle J. Canter

Retta Miller, a lawyer with Jackson Walker in Dallas, has extensive trial and litigation experience, focusing her practice on FINRA securities litigation and arbitration.

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