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Welcome to the BIG IDEAS Issue of Law Practice magazine, July/August 2016.

May/June 2016

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Law Practice Magazine Archives


Four Big Picture Trends to Watch in a Roiling Market

Crisis is just another word for opportunity.
By Benjamin Barton

The Debate: Should Legal Technicians Practice Law?

Pro: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
LLLTs provide qualified legal services at an affordable price.
By Steve Crossland and Paula Littlewood

Con: Limit Law Practice to Lawyers
LLLts are bad for the bar and for clients.
By Lawrence J. Fox and John E. Thies

Using AI in Law Practice: It's Practical Now

Introducing the stunning and rapid advance of artificial intelligence technology now being used in the practice of law.
By Michael Mills

Toward a New Model of Legal Services Regulation

Allowing the legal profession to regulate itself will improve the ethical infrastructure.
By Victoria Rees

Fighting Feminenglish

Waging war against stifled female speech in the legal arena.
By Pamela Woldow and Douglas Richardson

Managing Millennials in the Legal Workplace

A Millennial's perspective from inside a law office.
By Caroline LaPorte and Patrick Wright


Team Leaders: Dan Pinnington, Patrick Wright
Team Members: Caroline LaPorte, Robert Ambrogi, John D. Bowers



Editor's Note 

Scary Cool Ideas
By John D. Bowers


Big Issues, Building Bridges
By Tom Bolt



Introducing Corporate Social Responsibility Law
By Ashley Walter

Simple Steps

Generating Ideas for Content Creation
By Allison C. Shields


Managing a Law Firm Through Dissolution: Part I
By Michael Downey

News & Events

Championing Innovation
By Joshua Poje


Product Watch

Four Big Ideas in Technology
By Daniel J. Siegel

Hot Buttons

Moneyball: Hollywood and the Practice of Law
By Sharon D. Nelson & John W. Simek

The Digital Toolkit

Rise of the Bots
By Tom Mighell



Effective Lawyer Meetings
By Thomas C. Grella

Career Steps

Developing Your Client Base
By Wendy L. Werner


A Business Development Coaching Clinic: Culture Beats Scheme
By Micah Buchdahl


Retirement Is Coming: Some Things You Ought to Know
By Michael Trotter and Howard Neiman

Practice Management Advice

Shall We Cut to the Chase?
By Jim Calloway

Taking the Lead

Leading Innovation
By Karen MacKay


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