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Law Practice Magazine Archives


Leveraging Analytics in Marketing

Understanding marketing analytics and how it applies to law firms.
By Amy Hrehovcik


Value-Based Pricing Strategies

Collaborating with your clients while differentiating your firm from the competition.
By Ken Callander


Cultivating Credibility

Online profiles and the transformation of legal marketing.
By Brad Shepard


The Key to a Happy Client

Setting and managing client expectations is essential.
By Rod Boddie


Responding to the Commodization of Legal Services

Adapt and differentiate your practice in order to compete in the new marketplace.
By Debra L. Bruce


Social Media Marketing in Practice

Find out which platforms legal technology experts and Division actives really use.
By Courtney Ward-Reichard



Team Leaders: Courtney Ward-Reichard & Nick Gaffney



Editor’s Note 

Activity Differentiation
Stop random acts of marketing. 
By John D. Bowers



Starting Out as a Small Firm Owner: LP Can Help!
By Bob Young





ABA Launches Commission on the Future of Legal Services
Improving the delivery of legal services through technology and innovation.
By Renee Newman Knake


Simple Steps

A Simple but Effective Social Media Plan
Daily, weekly and monthly steps to become social media savvy.
By Allison C. Shields



11 Tips on How to Cease Representing a Troublesome Client
Navigating the end of a tumultuous client-lawyer relationship.
By Michael Downey


News & Events 

LP's Evolving Business Model Task Force Asks, How Can We Help?
Addressing changes to the business of the practice of law.
By Pamela McDevitt




Product Watch 

Note to Self: Take Notes!
A review of Livescribe 3.
By George E. Leloudis


Hot Buttons 

The New Mantra in Cybersecurity: Detect and Respond
Developing a strategy for encryption and incident response. 
By Sharon D. Nelson & John W. Simek


Web 2.0 

Free and Cheap Videoconferencing: Tools, Tips and Tricks
Improving the videoconference experience—for everyone.
By Tom Mighell





Better, Faster, Cheaper—but for Whom?
Committing to quality legal services.
By Thomas C. Grella


Career Steps 

The Best-Laid Plans: Creating Flexible Planning Strategies
Routing your firm's course with long-term and short-term plans.
By Wendy L. Werner



Legislative Advocacy: Good Citizenship, Good Marketing
Reach the core of your client's matter through advocacy.
By Greg Siskind



50-Cent Dollars Are in Vogue Again
Cutting costs to reach a 50 percent operating ratio.
By Stephen Mabey


Practice Management Advice 

It's Time to Love Technology
Technology proficiency translates to freedom and independence. 
By Jim Calloway


Taking the Lead 

Learning, Discovery and Courage
The three lenses through which to consider leadership.
By Karen MacKay


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