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Volume 39 Number 6


About the Author

Pamela McDevitt is the director of the ABA Law Practice Division in Chicago.

Law Practice Magazine | November/December 2013 | The Marketing Issue

Effective on September 1, 2013, the Law Practice Management Section (LPM) became the Law Practice Division (LP) within the American Bar Association. For longtime members and fans of LPM, this will have little impact on our delivery of resources and programming. The change to a Division from a Section reflects the role that law practice plays in the lives of every attorney and law firm—regardless of size, geography or practice. While most ABA Sections reflect substantive areas of practice, the LP Division reflects a member benefit and resource valuable to every member of the ABA. And while our name drops the management, it is because law practice has evolved into a category that more accurately reflects our four cores—management, technology, marketing and finance.

The impetus for this change came from a 2012 LPM task force that looked at whether our name—the Law Practice Management Section—really encapsulated what we were providing and what our members were seeking. Law firms have undergone significant changes in the way they function. The concept of law practice has matured into a key component in the life of a lawyer. We like to think that we’ve had something to do with that.

Our mission remains “helping lawyers practice law effectively and successfully while maintaining the highest standards of the profession.” In the coming months, you will see the work of our rebranding committee in action. The name change gave us an opportunity to update our logo and message to best reflect what we represent to the ABA and our loyal membership. If you are receiving the magazine and reading this message, I’m preaching to the choir. You know what LP provides to your practice. I’d like to thank our rebranding committee—comprised of active LP members and ABA staff—for working to spread the word about the Division. While only our name has changed, we believe the message to attorneys is clear—law practice is more important than ever.


The Division’s members and staff have been working hard on marketing the Law Practice app to attorneys across the country with great success. The app campaign and the advertising brought exposure and new readers to the magazine. Sharing articles and items of interest is much simpler. You can share an article through the app, post it to a social media website or save particular topics in files for easy retrieval.


The Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC) continues to gain momentum. The annual Legal Technology Survey Report was completed in August (, the first new ABA TECHREPORT was published in September, the free monthly webinars continue and the blog grows in traffic daily ( Technology is something that cannot be ignored, and all attorneys need to keep abreast of how to use it effectively and safely. Josh Poje (LTRC’s director), the LTRC Board (comprised of nine members) and Rose Frommelt (LTRC’s marketer) went above and beyond in their efforts this past year to build and grow the Center, and they continue to do so. Please find LTRC through LP’s homepage (



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