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Volume 38 Number 6


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Pamela McDevitt is the director of the Law Practice Management Section in Chicago.

Law Practice Magazine | November/December 2012 | The Client Service IssueLPM celebrated last year’s successes and formulated plans for the upcoming year during its Fall Meeting in Lake Tahoe, NV. The many boards and committees met to explore ways to provide resources for ABA/LPM members.

The Fall Meeting dovetailed with the biennial three-day ABA Women Rainmakers Mid-Career Workshop. This workshop provided hands-on training, where attendees built upon their existing strengths, confronted their weaknesses and learned how to be creative with new approaches. It was a unique, interactive learning environment in which attendees worked with each other to share their different backgrounds, experiences and areas of expertise.

The Section is very grateful to the ABA Women Rainmakers for creating such a distinctive and effective program. The dedication of the ABA Women Rainmakers is truly impressive, and LPM is extremely fortunate to have such an inspirational group among its ranks.

During the year, the LPM Educational Board coordinated more than 40 programs. It more than doubled the programs previously offered, based on their high demand and record number of attorney registrants. LPM webinars alone drew more than 2,000 participants. LPM continues to set the standard for technology education nationwide. Programs such as iPad for Lawyers, LinkedIn for Lawyers, 60 iPhone and iPad Apps, and Moving Your Practice to the Cloud were just a few of the popular presentations that drew the largest crowds.

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LPM Social Media Update: LPM uses social media to optimize value, increase relevancy, and grow Section participation and visibility. During the past several months, LPM has increased its social following through multiple outlets, has created a more structured and robust social strategy, and has developed a variety of innovative ways to promote Section publications, periodicals, educational programs and events. Here’s a more detailed look at how LPM has enhanced its social presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.


LPM (@LawPracticeTips) boasts the second-largest Twitter following in the ABA, with 10,800 followers. @LawPracticeTips has become synonymous with the ABA and LPM because it represents the prodigious content LPM produces and provides to legal professionals.


The LPM Facebook page is currently at 1,910 likes. We almost doubled the number of (1,000+) followers in the past several months, after completing two targeted Facebook advertising campaigns. LPM uses Facebook to promote our publications, periodicals, upcoming CLE and other events. Thanks to the unique metrics and reporting capabilities on Facebook, LPM discovered that promoting publications via Facebook has been highly successful.


LPM uses LinkedIn to connect with legal professionals through the LPM LinkedIn Group, currently at more than 1,400 members. The LPM LinkedIn Group is constantly streaming with new discussion posts, polls and comments. It’s open to the public and serves as a networking portal for all legal professionals.


The LPM YouTube Channel is an emerging and exciting tool for LPM. With the recent addition of the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC), LPM started to promote LTRC training videos on the LPM YouTube Channel. These LTRC training videos are an excellent resource for legal professionals wanting to learn more about legal technology.


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LPM Teleconferences

Each month LPM brings to members CLE teleconferences on a variety of topics. These teleconferences are a great way to stay up to date on the latest practice management issues and collect CLE credit—all from your own computer! Members always receive the best price when they use the LPM member discount code. Review the upcoming schedule and save some time on your calendar:

November 1, 2012
How to Make Your Law Firm Paperless—Painlessly 
Speakers: Dave Bilinsky, Janis Alexander
November 16, 2012
Encryption Made Simple for Lawyers
Speakers: John Simek, Dave Ries
November 29, 2012
iPhone and iPad Apps for Lawyers
Speakers: Tom Mighell, Jim Calloway
December 13, 2012
Android Apps for Lawyers
Speakers: Dan Siegel, Britt Lorish, Dave Ries
Visit the LPM homepage at lawpractice.org to learn more about the upcoming teleconferences.