The Director’s Desk

Volume 38 Number 2


About the Author

Pamela McDevitt is Director of the ABA Law Practice Management Section in Chicago.

Apps? We Got ’Em! LPM Announces Two

This past year has been called the year of SmartPhones, iPads and tablets. Technology is changing the practice of law at a rapid pace, and this impacts the LPM Section, as well. Businesses of all sizes are jumping on iPhone and iPad applications. These challenging economic times have engendered a competitive environment few of us have ever experienced in our careers. Businesses must find as many advantageous tools as possible to cultivate prospective customers and retain their current ones.

The same is true of LPM. People are mining online resources as never before. It is no wonder that the use of apps to reach a vast number of members or potential members in a convenient, user-friendly format is growing quickly.  In this regard, LPM announces two apps for its members: the Law Practice App and the ABA TECHSHOW 2012 APP.   

The Law Practice App allows iPad, iPhone and tablet users to read Law Practice wherever they are.

The ABA TECHSHOW 2012 App is new to the show this year. Here is a sampling of its functionalities: allows you to register; view the schedule; create your own schedule; retrieve vendor information; receive Twitter feeds; see what is happening; gather materials; track your CLE; view a map of the exhibits and see links; read speakers’ bios—and much, much more!  

Publication Department Update

LPM’s publications department has always lived up to its stellar reputation. It continues to do so as we announce that LPM Books has gone digital. Now your favorite LPM books are accessible on your iPad, iPhone, desktop computer and most e-readers. For our latest e-book offerings, check the ABA Webstore ( and iTunes (—we are always adding new titles.

Discover the LPM Books Blog (  for the latest news from publishing, including discounts, special features, book reviews, author interviews, tech tips and more. Don’t forget to follow LPM on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for frequent publishing updates.

A major part of the programming at ABA TECHSHOW is about implementing social media into your practice. To get started with social media in your operations—or optimize your existing social media efforts—LPM Publishing offers several resources. For an introduction to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs, pick up a copy of “Social Media for Lawyers: The Next Frontier,” a guide to implementing social media tools in any practice.

Once you’ve established your social media channels, “The Lawyer’s Essential Guide to Writing: Proven Tools and Techniques” will teach you how to write effectively for blogs and Twitter. Our “Law Office Policy and Procedures Manual, Sixth Edition,” will help you develop a social media policy for your firm.

To learn more about LPM, please visit or contact any of LPM’s staff, including me, at If you have ideas that could help our Section, or would like to see something we are not doing, please let us know. We are here to help you!


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