Highlights: ABA TECHSHOW 2012

Volume 38 Number 2


 Chair of ABA TECHSHOW 2012

For more than 25 years, ABA TECHSHOW has been the only national conference to bring lawyers and technology experts together each year to share information about current technology and to peek behind the curtain to get a glimpse of the future. 

2012 will be no exception. ABA TECHSHOW 2012 comes at a time when broadband Internet, smartphones, tablets and cloud computing seem poised to change everything about how we practice law. Clients are using legal technology in ways that no one would ever have imagined. Everything that lawyers and their clients need immediately seems to be available instantly.

All of this puts the legal profession at the confluence of societal, economic and technology trends that are creating new opportunities for lawyers. As the marketplace for legal services is changing, the legal world is racing to keep up.

Although computer technology has been in law offices for 30 years, it appears to have finally achieved a tipping point. Lawyers and legal staff now have more tools at their disposal than ever before; mobile technologies have matured into reliable tools. Desktop computer technology is more powerful and less expensive than ever.  Online resources from lawyer videos on YouTube to legal presentations on iTunes threaten to change the ways that lawyers market themselves. Simple and affordable apps for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry can transform the way you practice law.

The important question for all lawyers and law firms is whether they are properly positioned to prosper in this quickly evolving marketplace. Does your firm have the right technology, and do your lawyers and staff have the necessary technology skills to compete in this new future?

To help you find out if you are prepared for the future, ABA TECHSHOW will offer more than 50 educational sessions across three days on the most important technology topics in our profession today. ABA TECHSHOW sessions have been designed from the ground up for the legal profession by legal professionals. The nine-member planning board features lawyers and legal professionals with over 150 years of combined practice and technological experience.

And if you want to test-drive the latest legal products and services, and perhaps pick up one of the latest tools at a great discount, ABA TECHSHOW hosts a huge exposition hall featuring more than 110 leading vendors. Unlike other technology shows, ABA TECHSHOW features vendors who provide products and services specifically for the legal profession. You will be able to talk, touch and learn how each can benefit your firm.

Don’t be nervous if this is your first ABA TECHSHOW. The conference is designed for every lawyer and legal professional—from beginner to power user. No question is too basic. No question is too difficult to answer. Our planning board and faculty are here to make sure you leave with the greatest confidence in your future.

And if that isn’t enough, ABA TECHSHOW is pleased to welcome lawyer, actor, presidential speechwriter and commentator Ben Stein as our keynote speaker.

Get a look at your future by attending ABA TECHSHOW 2012 at the Hilton Chicago, March 29-31, 2012. 


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