Volume 38 Number 1


About the Author

Tom Mighell is the Chair of the ABA Law Practice Management Section. He is a senior records management and e-discovery consultant with Contoural Inc. and previously practiced law for 18 years. 

From the Chair of the Law Practice Management Section

I remember my first “a-ha!” moment in social media. It happened shortly after I launched my blog way back in 2002 (I’m an early adopter when it comes to technology). The blog, at, is a legal technology resource, and back then I focused on Internet legal research. After blogging for only a few months, I received an email that said: “I really love the information you’re posting. Would you consider coming and speaking to lawyers in my state?” Instantly, I understood the power of social media: It was a great way of getting people to know me and my work, whether they were around the block or across the country.

These days, there are so many social media tools, it can be overwhelming for the average lawyer. Plus, we hear from social media “gurus” who tell you that if you don’t have a social media presence on all the major sites, you are at a competitive disadvantage. In this issue of Law Practice, we hope to cut through the clutter

and explain how lawyers can use social media in ways that make sense, while suggesting ways to use social networking tools that won’t take up all your time. We spend some time describing the most popular services, and the tools that can help you use them better. We’ll also show you how to protect your reputation on the Internet in the event you get negative press.

Hopefully, this issue will inspire you to learn more about how to fit social media into your practice, so I’ll encourage you to explore the other great social media resources offered by LPM. Our book, Social Media for Lawyers, is one of our best- selling publications, and the “LinkedIn for Lawyers: A Practical Guide to the No. 1 Social Media Tool” CLE held back in November 2011 was a terrific program; you can listen to the archived episode at And if you’re reading this in January or February, it’s not too late to register for ABA TECHSHOW 2012, the premier technology conference for lawyers. We’ll be presenting an entire day’s worth of social media education on the “Digital Marketing” track.

My challenge to you is simple: Connect with or follow us on social media. To check out pictures from the Section’s Fall Meeting in Cape Cod or get information on books and CLEs, visit our Facebook page at Please visit the ABA LPM Section LinkedIn group to see posts from our members and other people interested in practice management issues. Follow @LawPracticeTips on Twitter to keep abreast of the latest in LPM conferences, books, CLEs or other great tips for managing your practice. And the LPM Books blog (at features tips, sample chapters and more from our terrific publications.

After reading this issue, I think you’ll agree that one of the most important benefits of social media is interaction with others, so I invite you to interact with me on LinkedIn or Twitter (I’m @TomMighell there). Let me know your comments, suggestions or questions on how LPM can continue to serve as the leading source of practice management educational content for lawyers.


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