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Volume 38 Number 1

The ABA TECHSHOW 2012 Planning board is responsible for organizing and planning this three-day event. Each board member was invited to share technology advice that you can implement—and benefit from—right away.

Reid Trautz, chair, ABA TECHSHOW 2012, American Immigration Lawyers Association
It’s all about you! Do you have a website or a blog with an “About Me” page? How effective is your profile on that page? If it is just a few boring lines and a picture, why not take time to make it really work for you? Make it pop! Add links to your digital life and digital “ink.” Let viewers of your page connect to you via links to your social networking pages, as well as links to articles, case decisions, interviews, awards, pro bono work and other information about you online. Let them learn more about you before they hire you.

Natalie Kelly, State Bar of Georgia
Use wireless connectivity wisely. Wireless is not great for every- thing. Do not use wireless connections for practice management, time billing or other key relational database systems when they reside on your firm’s local network. Due to the constant flow of data over the network, you run the risk of corrupting the database with an unsteady wireless connection. You can, however, consider the many mobile options for connecting to your home system, and even go totally without wires via the use of cloud-based databases and programs.

Erik Mazzone, North Carolina Bar Association
If you tote an iPhone or iPad around and haven’t yet tried Box.net mobile storage, now is the time. Box.net is offering a mammoth 50GB of free storage to iOS device users. As they say, size matters.

Donna Neff, Neff Law Office Professional Corporation
Does the default font in Microsoft Word make you cringe every time you start a new document? Do you find yourself changing the default font and paragraph settings time and time again? Here’s how to change the settings once and for all in just a few simple steps:

  • Create a sample block of text in the exact font (style and size) and paragraph style (line spacing, indentation, etc.) that you want to set as the default.
  • Select the text, right-click and choose “Styles.” Select “Update Normal to Match Selection.” To make this style the default setting for all new documents, under the “Home” tab, click “Change Styles” and select “Set as Default.”

Your days of fiddling with fonts are over. Now when you open a new document, simply start typing and your default font and other settings will be exactly how you like them.

Lincoln Mead, Utah State Bar
Add a layer of security to Gmail by encrypting messages using the Encipher.it (https://encipher.it/) extension for Chrome and Firefox. Security is becoming more crucial every day. Better safe than sorry! LP

Get even more valuable tips and advice at the ABA TECHSHOW on March 29-31, 2012 at techshow.com.


New and notable books and resources for the business of practicing law.

The Lawyer’s guide to Microsoft Outlook 2010
By Ben M. Schorr
More than just email, Outlook is also a powerful task, contact and scheduling manager that will improve your practice. From helping you log and track phone calls, meetings, and correspondence to archiving closed case material in one easy-to-store location, this book unlocks the secrets of “underappreciated” features that you will use every day. 

Cloud Computing for Lawyers
By Nicole Black
This book features an overview of cloud computing fundamentals, reviews of legal cloud computing products, and step-by-step instructions for implementing cloud computing in your practice—including practical tips for securing your data.

The 2012 Solo and Small Firm Legal Technology Guide
By Sharon D. Nelson, Esq., John W. Simek and Michael C. Maschke
This annual guide is the only one of its kind written to help solo and small firm lawyers find the best technology for their dollar. You’ll find the most current information and recommendations on computers, servers, networking equipment, legal software, printers, security products, smartphones, the iPad and anything else a law office might need.


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