The Virtual Pulse

Volume 37 Number 5

How quickly are law firms moving toward the virtual practice realm? Here’s a snapshot of the insights provided in the 2011 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report, produced by the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center. For more survey details, visit

Anytime, anyplace? While 77 percent of lawyers in the survey report telecommuting, only 26 percent of those say they work away from the office up to one to three days per week. Where do they do it? Mostly from home, say 88 percent. Cafes and coffeehouses serve as workspaces only 12 percent of the time.

Three percent of respondents say they would describe their practice as a virtual law practice—however, characteristics chosen to describe “virtual” vary considerably.

Twenty percent of respondents say they offer clients access to a secure client portal.

Thirty-five percent of respondents report they offer unbundled legal services.*

*Defined as “specific, standalone services like document preparation, offered as an alternative to full representation.” Solos were most likely to report offering unbundled services.



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