The Face of LPM

Volume 37 Number 6


Professor Joan R. Bullock, J.D., MBA, CPA, is an inaugural faculty member at the Florida A&M University College of Law where she teaches Accounting for Lawyers, Business Organizations, Commercial Transactions, Contracts, Federal Income Tax, Law Office Management, and Professional Responsibility.

Here at LPM, we know Joan for being our Section’s Vice Chair and a passionate leader in the ABA Women Rainmakers Committee. Recently, Joan traveled to the on behalf of our Section to present workshops as part of an ongoing program of training in the core areas of law practice management: marketing, management, technology and finance for the ABA Rule of Law Initiative (ROLI).

ROLI in the Middle East and administers regional and bilateral programs that focus on women and the law, judicial development, legal education and the legal profession. LPM and ROLI are now planning an online legal training program that will be based on the workshops that Joan presented in the .

“For the workshops, I had the two-fold goal of imparting knowledge on lawyering skills and law firm management best practices and obtaining germane information on the regional and local approaches and challenges of law practice in the Gulf,” Bullock said.

A lawyer might know the law, and even possess an array of professional skills, but the key to succeeding in the practice of law is management. Most lawyers do not go to school to become managers, but rather to study law, and for many of them it comes as a surprise to learn that they must be managers as well.

“I now have had, in my opinion, the enviable position of serving as a Middle East North Africa (MENA) legal specialist on behalf of the ABA Rule of Law Initiative,” Bullock said.



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