Notes from Editor-in-Chief Dan Pinnington

Volume 37 Number 6


More Effective Marketing

Some lawyers find rainmaking very natural and easy, others struggle with it, and some are oblivious to the need to market their services. In today’s competitive environment, every lawyer must spend some time on marketing and client development. In this issue, we focus on topics that will help you with various aspects of your marketing activities.

Measuring the results of marketing efforts is a challenge for most lawyers and law firms. Christopher Petrini-Poli and Paul Grabowski give you guidance on how you can calculate some hard numbers on the ROI of your marketing efforts.

We also address some of the new ways you can market your services. Video is one of the next big things in marketing, and Adam L. Stock’s article will give you some new ideas on how you can use this tool as part of your business development arsenal. Think you can’t compete with big players? Linda Orton has some tips to leverage your marketing budget for video.

From a panel session at the 2010 ABA Annual Meeting, we have a summary of comments made by representatives from several of the major rankings and ratings vendors. This summary will provide you with insights into the wrinkles these new tools introduce to the marketing game.

And to help you see things from the client’s side, read Kristin Merikangas’
interview of Dan Hill, the keynote at Law Practice Management’s 2011 Marketing Conference. It will help you understand how emotion can impact on the response your real and potential clients will have to your marketing materials. In-house counsel Brian Cabrera talks about how inside and outside counsel can forge successful and lasting relationships.

Talking about fees and how work is done in the legal setting (i.e., hourly) is not something many lawyers or their clients relish—and not something generally associated with marketing. Frederick Esposito’s article will open your eyes to the opportunities that alternative fee arrangements and project management create in terms of talking about two things clients will like: delivering more value and reducing the fees they pay.

How did you feel last time you got a bill in the mail? How do you think clients feel when they get your monthly invoice? Gianfranco A. Pietrafesa’s article will make you rethink the contents of your invoices, and how you can use them to better communicate with clients about the work you are doing.

We also have selected excerpts from Theda Snyder’s bestseller, Women Rainmakers Best Marketing Tips.

Thanks to magazine board member Nicholas Gaffney who worked as Issue Editor and helped us put this issue together.

I hope you find the content helps you more effectively market your services.



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