October 23, 2012

Managing Partner/President Model Job Description

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December 2008 Issue | Volume 34 Number 8 | Web Only Archives
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Managing Partner/President Model Job Description


Executive Committee and ultimately to the partners/shareholders


  • Execution of firm policies as approved by the partners/shareholders
  • Supervision of financial and other administrative systems and records
  • Responsibility for the following, usually delegated to the department/practice group chairs:
    • Practice organization and management
    • Recruiting, training and professional development of attorneys
    • Client service
  • Responsibility for the following, usually delegated to the Chief Operating Officer, Executive Director or Firm Administrator:
    • Operating expense control
    • Billings and collections
    • Preparation of the operating budget, capital expenditure budget, management and cash flow reports
    • Facilities management - lay-out, furnishing and maintenance of the offices; leases
    • Human Resources
    • Technology and Knowledge Management
  • Responsibility for the following, usually delegated to the Chief Marketing Officer, Director of Marketing and/or Director of Business Development:
    • Development and implementation of firm, practice group and individual marketing plans
    • External communications including media relations
    • Business development training
    • Development and implementation of the firm’s strategic plan
    • Meeting with the Executive Committee regularly and reporting to the partners/shareholders on the state of the firm.
    • Calling partner/shareholder meetings, preparing the agenda and chairing the meetings, ensuring that accurate and timely minutes are promptly distributed
    • Analysis of any potential merger or acquisition of additional offices for presentation to the partners/shareholders for decision.
    • Such other duties and responsibilities as the partners/shareholders may assign.

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