October 23, 2012

Managing Partner Sample Job Descriptions

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December 2008 Issue | Volume 34 Number 8 | Web Only Archives
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Managing Partner Sample Job Descriptions

The Managing Partner shall have management responsibilities for the Law Firm, with the exception of those matters specifically reserved to the Partners in Section ___ of the Partnership Agreement. The Managing Partner shall serve the Firm in the following ways, subject to the right to delegate certain of the functions to the Firm’s Administrator, Administrative Staff or a Committee:


  • Executing the long-term goals and objectives that have been established by the Partnership
  • Assisting the Partnership in developing annual and long-term strategic plans
  • Providing the leadership necessary to achieve the Firm’s profitability needs and/or goals
  • Communicating with the Firm Partners
  • Directing the functions of the Firm’s Administrator
  • Acting as the voice of the Firm, internally and externally
  • Interfacing with Firm members on all matters of importance


  • Setting the agendas for and chairing Partnership Meetings
  • Creating agendas for and chairing meetings of the Management Committee, if applicable
  • Coordinating and supporting the work of other Committees


  • Developing an annual operating budget and capital budget
  • Monitoring the budget on a monthly basis, overseeing spending to assure compliance with the limitations of the expense budge
  • Tracking revenue and working with Practice Groups and individual lawyers to help achieve the revenue budget amount
  • Insuring compliance with billing and collection policies
  • Approving write-offs of work in process and receivables
  • Overseeing the Partners’ capital accounts and drawing accounts
  • Managing banking relationships and monitoring the use of any line of credit


  • Overseeing the hiring and orientation of new staff
  • Recommending staff benefits
  • Overseeing evaluations, setting salaries, and assuring the professional development of staff
  • Disciplining staff and handling terminations
  • Overseeing compliance with the Firm’s policies and procedures
  • Creating and implementing new policies, as necessary

Technology and Equipment

  • Managing the effective and efficient use of the Firm’s technology by arranging for necessary training
  • Providing lawyers and staff with computer support, necessary programs, etc.
  • Learning about new technology, conducting cost/benefit analyses, and making purchase recommendations to the Partnership
  • Having responsibility for equipment, including maintenance, repair and service contracts

Building and Grounds

  • Overseeing the physical plant and the facilities
  • Negotiating leases and related arrangements

Practice Management

  • Providing information and support to the Practice Groups
  • Coordinating the work of the Practice Groups


  • Coordinating the marketing efforts of Practice Groups and/or individual Lawyers
  • Supervising the Firm’s marketing efforts


  • Directing the social agenda of the Firm
  • Planning and coordinating Firm retreats
  • Accessibility to lawyers, staff and clients
  • Keeping up on trends in law firm management

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