Dan Pinnington, Editor-in-ChiefDear Aaron:

The electronic edition of Law Practice magazine’s July/August 2010 issue is now ready for you. This issue is devoted to helping you avoid the dreaded allegation of legal malpractice, along with other dangers to your law practice.

Law Practice is available online in both HTML format (see individual article links below) and, for LPM members only, in digital magazine format at www.lawpractice.org/lawpractice (login required).

Do you know where the greatest risks of a malpractice claim come from? More importantly—did you know there are simple steps you can take to reduce the risk of a claim being made against you?

My employer’s claims statistics indicate that four out of five lawyers will face at least one claim during the course of their careers. Let’s call this the bad news. What’s the good news? Many claims are preventable. The surprise for most lawyers—and the key take-away from this issue of Law Practice—is that failures to know or apply substantive law do not cause the majority of malpractice claims. The other significant causes of claims are task and deadline management errors, lawyer-client communications issues and conflicts of interest.

The following articles will help you avoid a malpractice claim: