October 23, 2012

Law Practice Magazine Editorial At a Glance

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Law Practice brings the latest developments and commentary to assist the practicing lawyer in operating and managing the law practice effectively, and in delivering quality legal services to clients at reasonable cost. Law Practice Management is published eight times a year, and is provided to members of the ABA's Law Practice Management Section as part of Section membership.

Law Practice Magazine Editorial At a Glance

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In each issue, Law Practice magazine publishes a set of feature articles built around a particular theme or special focus. For example, an issue focusing on Web marketing might include articles on trends, examples from law firms that use the Web well and pointers for keeping content fresh. In addition, we publish sidebars with related resources, action items and brief tips from practicing lawyers and other experts.


Law Practice magazine's front-of-the-book is a quick-hit mix of columns and briefs that include:

  • Planner. Keeping tabs on upcoming CLE, publications and product launches.
  • Big Idea! Merrilyn Astin Tarlton highlights innovative practices.
  • Trends Report. Marketing maven Robert Denney spots what’s hot in the legal services market.
  • Ask Bill. Lawyer and mediator Bill Gibson finds the experts to answer readers’ career and practice questions.
  • Reader Meter.What are you reading? New releases, recommendations and best-sellers.
  • 5 Things.Want new business? Here’s what you need to know in five easy steps, edited by expert Ann Lee Gibson.
  • Media: How Did They Do That? PR wizard Richard Levick tells how firms achieve groundbreaking media success.
  • People & Places. On the scene at Law Practice Management Section events.

Product Watch

Information about new products, sites and services to make your practice hum, edited by legal tech expert Storm Evans.

Technology In Practice

This department is rich in practical information about how to use technology in a law practice setting, as well as opinions and humor about the state of technology today. Regular columns include:

  • nothing.but.net. Legal Web luminaries Erik Heels and Rick Klau show new uses, pitfalls and opportunities for lawyers on the Internet.
  • As I Was Saying. Topical technology rants from Wendy Leibowitz.
  • Personal Technology. Small firm practitioner Stephen Harhai with master tips and tools to make work life easier.
  • E-Definitions. Mark Tamminga provides invaluable and irreverent definitions of tech terminology.
  • Site Watch. A spotlight on online tools and useful sites for practicing lawyers.

Practice Development/Marketing

This department’s features and columns spotlight trends in practice development, with hands-on advice for implementing marketing tactics and strategies. Regular columns include:

  • Marketing. Practice development master Sally Schmidt shares advice on how to fine-tune your marketing efforts.
  • Practice Development Clips. Legal marketing guru Larry Bodine gives snapshots of who's doing what, and what's new in firm marketing.

Smart Practices/Managing

Features and columns in this department cover topics such as leadership, finance, recruiting and hiring, human resources, business practices, quality-of-life issues, professionalism and career tracks. Columns include:

  • Fresh Out. Rainmaking specialist Susan Saltonstall Duncan provides tips and tactics for new lawyers.
  • Managing. Marcia P. Shannon shares keen insights on managing people.

Your Future: News from the LPM Section

This department highlights upcoming Law Practice Management Section events, initiatives, new publications and opportunities to get involved in Section activities, along with an every-issue message from the Section Chair.


Milton W. Zwicker and other experts review books and other resources that will help you improve your practice.