July/August2003  Volume 29, Number 5
ABA Law Pracice Management Magazine, July/August 2003 Issue

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Should You Productize Your Serivces?
by Sally J. Schmidt
Rethink the basics of how you package your services: Develop your reputation in a practice area, build profits through stand-alone services and find opportunities to build existing or new client relationships. Give the market what it wants -- package a service that is easy to buy.

What's the Big Deal About Unbundling?
by Forrest S. Mosten
Unbundilng puts clients in charge of the processes and choices involved in their legal serviceds. Believe it or not, the concept can improve profitability and satisfaction for the lawyer as well. Her's how, and why, it works.

Catering to Your Clients: Building An Elder Law Practice
by Milton W. Zwicker
Elder law is a tremendous market niche. But to realize all the opportunities, you must learn how to build a client-centered, age-aware practice.

Rip It! Tips for Creating a New Firm Identity
by Kelly A. Blazek
Is it time to ditch the old logo and craft an identity that reflects your firm in the 21st century? It pays to think ahead.


Frontlines Department

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Technology in Practice Department

Product Watch

Fresh Out - Susan Saltonstall Duncan on internal marketing opportunities.

Managing - Marcia Pennington Shannon on termination decisions.

Practice Development Clips

YOUR FUTURE / Member News - Women Rainmakers, Section CLE, new book releases and more.

Chair's Message - John Tredennick on incentives to motivate marketing.

Rip It! - Kelly Blazek shares advice on creating a new identity for your firm.


Events, education and product releases.

5 Things: Proposals That Get You Hired
by Ann Lee Gibson
What you need to know to get and keep new business.

Trends Report: Non-Equity Partnerships: Multiplying Like Rabbits
by Robert W. Denney

Ask Bill
by William Gibson

Big Idea: Color My World
by Merrilyn Astin Tarlton

People & Places

Reader Meter: ABA LPM Top 10 Best-Sellers

Managing Digital Photos
by Rick Klau
Shrink, trnasmit and master digital pictures using some great online tools.

Personal Technology: Reinventing Technology, Reinventing Yourself
by Stephen J. Harhai
Are you familiar with the "use it or lose it" principle? Why not try something new?

Site Chart: 60 Sites in 60 Minutes Quick Picks
New sites from ABA TECHSHOW® 2003's popular 60 sites sessions.

E-Definitions: Invasions of the Computer Snatchers
by Mark Tamminga
Pestilential programs are turning the Web into a toxic swamp for the unwary.

As I Was Saying: Turning the Courts inot Public Servants
by Wendy Leibowitz
Why does the court system use technology to make resolution of disputes easier?

Product Watch
by Storm Evans
The latest legal technology news in the lpm-newproducts@abanet.org inbox.

Practice Development
by Larry Bodine
Minibus law, putting Cleveland on the map and an e-newsletter that does it right.

Feature: Sell Yourself: How to Conduct Effective and Ethical Marketing
by Micah Buchdahl
From buck ing the trends to hiring skilled staff, make sure your business development progreams will really make your firm fruitful.

Fresh Out:
Build Marketing Opportunities Internally
by Susan Saltonstall Duncan
Advice for new layers on how to focus on generating more business.

Managing: Assignment Difficult: The Termination Decision
by Marcia Pennington Shannon
Most lawyer-supervisors agonize over whether -- and how -- to fire someone. Here's hel for making the decision, and the transition, go more smoothly.