October 23, 2012

Law Practice Magazine - January/February 2011

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Table of Contents VOL 37 NO 1 - JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2011


Using Technology to Improve Client Service: From the Simple to the Sublime

Today’s clients are accustomed to going online to shop, pay their bills, book hotels and flights, search for information and, well, just about everything else. Here are practical ways to put the same technologies to work in your office so that you can offer clients similar conveniences.

By Catherine Sanders Reach


Five Big Trends Shaping Small Practices

Solo and small firms are often, and always potentially, the laboratories of law practice innovation. From new ways of collaborating to increasing mobility, here’s one practice management advisor’s take on the trends.

By Jared Correia


Cultivating a Positive Work Environment

How can small firms compete with big firms when it comes to attracting and retaining quality staff? Here are some ideas for how to get the most out of a limited HR budget.

By Pascale Daigneault


Managing Your Client Trust Account: Where the Buck Stops

Amid the daily mania of the typical small firm lawyer’s work life, various to-dos can fall by the wayside—but if managing a client trust account falls among them, big trouble can result. Follow this checklist to better manage your trust account.

By Sheila M. Blackford

WEB EXTRA: To help manage your client trust accounts, download the following free forms:


Hot Buttons

Anatomy of a Law Practice Audit

Chaotic offices and systems are often the symptoms of ethics trouble in the making. This is a cautionary tale for all lawyers.

By Sharon Nelson and John Simek


Legal Web 2.0

EXCERPT: So You Want to Start a Virtual Practice? Steps for Choosing a Structure

In this excerpt from Virtual Law Practice: How to Deliver Legal Services Online , a trailblazing lawyer outlines preliminary steps for practicing online.

By Stephanie Kimbro



Sustainable Practices: How a Law Firm Hits the Gold-Star Standard in Its Office Design

Here’s how Reed Smith went after LEED certification, reducing its space needs and overhead expenses in the process.

By Terry Carroll



Punching Above Your Weight: Strategies for Smaller Law Firms

What can a small firm do to compete against the big guys? Plenty! Use this advice on where you can cut corners, and when you should open your wallet.

By Sally J. Schmidt


Career Steps

Strategies for Finding a Job with a Small Law Firm

To be an attractive job candidate, make sure you understand the economics of small firm practice.

By Wendy Werner



Strategic Talent Management: Top Issues and To-Dos, Part Two

Large or small, smart firms make sure they have a strategy for filling in talent gaps.

By Marcia Pennington Shannon


Taking the Lead

Coaching for Solos and Small Firm Leaders

Leading a small law firm can be a lonely and daunting job. A coach can offer un-biased insights to help hone critical skills.

By Karen MacKay