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Table of Contents VOL 36 NO 4 - JULY/AUGUST 2010


Are You at Risk? The Biggest Malpractice Claim Risks and How to Avoid Them

Understanding where and why claims happen can help you take steps to reduce the likelihood a claim will be made against you.

By Daniel E. Pinnington


Conflicts of Interest: Beware These Special Dangers

Conflicts can lead to disciplinary actions, civil malpractice liability, fee forfeitures and even criminal prosecutions. Here’s a look at recent developments, as well as some implications for law firm management.

By William Freivogel


Preventing Check Fraud: Why “The Check Is in the Mail” Isn’t Always a Good Thing

The deluge of check scams targeting lawyers continues unabated. Learn the steps you should take to avoid being a victim.

By Jim Calloway


How to Handle Difficult Clients

It takes more than patience to deal with difficult clients (although patience helps). Here’s sound advice on actions to take to avert disagreements and possible malpractice claims.

By Justice Carole Curtis


Looking Good for the Underwriter

Taking a few commonsense steps before submitting your next malpractice insurance application will help the underwriter understand your risk potential and write a better, less-costly policy.

By Christian A. Stiegemeyer


Product Watch

Easy, On-the-Go Expense Reporting

A free app for those who want a better way to track and report on-the-road expenses.

By Nerino J. Petro, Jr.


Hot Buttons

Top Security Tips for Your Law Practice

How strong are your lines of defense for protecting confidential client data? Here are easy-to-implement safeguards for your office systems, laptops and smartphones.

By Sharon Nelson and John Simek


Legal Web 2.0

Tips for Reducing Online Dangers and Liabilities

The news is full of stories about lawyers’ foolish online escapades. But it’s easier than you’d think to misstep online—and to get stuck paying a big bill. (Did you know online mistakes often aren’t covered by professional liability policies?) These tips can help minimize your exposure.

By Michael Downey


Leader Profile

Vedia Jones-Richardson

How this former LPM Section Chair’s journey from design student to law firm principal helped inspire the creation of a workshop aimed at teaching women lawyers essential rainmaking skills.

By Jamie Spannhake



Managing the Changing Face of Talent

As firms rethink how they do business, their approach to talent management will be critical. But what is the right approach?

By Marcia Pennington Shannon



Aligning Pricing and Value to Win More Business

Understanding what clients value and providing solutions at the right price are key to building your business.

By Susan Saltonstall Duncan


Career Steps

Getting Off to a Good Start

Advice on fostering the best relationship with a new employer.

By Wendy Werner


Taking the Lead

The Dangers of Dysfunctional Practice Groups

Three common traits—and how management should respond.

By Karen MacKay