October 23, 2012


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Table of Contents VOL 36 NO 2 - March/April 2010


Favorite Tips from the ABA TECHSHOW Pros: Hands-on Pointers for Everyday Applications

Issue Editor Jim Calloway has polled ABA TECHSHOW® veterans for everyday technology tips that can improve the way you work. You’ll find handy ideas for improving Microsoft Office productivity, some cool Web-based tools and much more, all delivered by a very techno-savvy group.


Essential Apps for Your Smartphone

Lawyers who are known for hunting down the best new smartphone apps tell us the ones they most love for making their day run smoothly.


Protecting Client Data: 11 Steps to Take When Using Technology

In a big heads-up for lawyers, a recent opinion from a state bar rules committee addresses the concept of lawyer competence for protecting client information when using technology. Here’s a data safeguarding checklist that should help keep your client data, and your practice, safe.

By Peter Roberts


Working Virtually: High-Productivity Tips for Traveling Lawyers

With the toolset and how-tos given here, you’ll be able to keep your office at your fingertips anywhere there’s broadband access.

By Nicole Garton-Jones


Working Smarter with Knowledge Tools

Knowledge tools, including work product retrieval systems, interactive checklists and document assembly systems, help get everyday legal work done faster, cheaper and better. This excerpt from the new ABA book The Lawyer’s Guide to Working Smarter with Knowledge Tools reveals what to look for in system authoring software.

By Marc Lauritsen


Product Watch

Using Online Storage to Make Your Mobile Life Easier

Need your files with you, no matter where you go? Here’s a look at popular storage services that let you access and share files from a Web browser.

By Nerino J. Petro, Jr.


Hot Buttons

Ways to Power Your Practice: A Few of Our New Top Picks

From a neat Outlook add-in to marketing and PR tools, check out these ideas to help power and protect your practice.

By Sharon Nelson and John Simek


Legal Web 2.0

Personal Knowledge Management: Turning Down the Information Fire Hose

Lawyers are knowledge workers, coping with an ever-increasing flood of information. Here’s an overview of how Web-based PKM tools can help you focus on what’s most important.

By David Hobbie



Key Performance Indicators: How to Keep Your Eye on the Dashboard

When viewed collectively, certain performance indicators can give law firm management the information necessary to make informed decisions and adjust direction as needed. Context is critical.

By Stephen Mabey and Karen MacKay


New Column! Career Steps

The Best Way to Do a Job Search: It’s High-Touch, Not High-Tech

Yes, the Web offers great tools to aid in your search. But to land the right job, follow these tips and polish up your old-fashioned, face-to-face networking skills.

By Wendy Werner



HR Lessons from the Tech World

A seven-step checklist for selecting and maintaining your talent.

By Marcia Pennington Shannon


Taking the Lead

Maintaining Social Traditions Despite Tight Times

Although firmwide social events and the annual partners’ retreat are key to building cohesiveness, they do not need to cost a small fortune.

By Ed Flitton