October 23, 2012


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Table of Contents VOL 36 NO 1 - January/February 2010


Figuring Out Your Place in the Race

With competition defining the future of law practice, getting ahead of the pack will require difference, not sameness. Here are some new (and potentially outrageous) models to get you thinking ahead.

By Merrilyn Astin Tarlton


Tomorrow: A Sneak Preview For These Firms the Future Is Now

In the midst of a turbulent legal market, some just don’t see the handwriting on the wall. Others, however, are taking steps to meet the future head on and challenging the way “things have always been done.” Axiom Law, Practical Law Company and Louisville’s Frost Brown Todd are among those embracing change.

By Steven T. Taylor


Metamorphosis: Five Forces Transforming the Legal Services Marketplace

With the incredible upheaval the legal profession has experienced over the past few years, it’s safe to say that the profession will look radically different by the next decade. Here’s a look at five catalysts that are leading us there.

By Jordan Furlong


In Praise of Competitive Advantage: Advice for Firm Leaders in a Revolutionary Time

If you’re a law firm leader these days, the pressure’s really on. Your people expect you to point the way to smoother waters ahead. Yet where do you find safe water when revolution is in the air? It’s all about finding a sustainable advantage.

By Ann Lee Gibson


The Gravity of Market Forces: A Global Firm Leader’s Take on the Trends That Will Reshape Law Firms

A look at crucial trends that law firm leaders must respond to when deciding their strategies for the future, from reduced demand for private practice solutions to talent supply dynamics, structural shifts and altered buying patterns.

By Harry Trueheart


Product Watch

Is It Blue-Button Scanning Mojo?

There are a number of sheet-fed personal scanners to choose from today. How does the latest ScanSnap iteration stand up against the competition?

By Nerino J. Petro, Jr.


Legal Web 2.0

Tag, You’re It! Best Practices for Tagging on the Web

Almost every modern Web tool seems to employ some form of tagging, but what’s it all about? Here’s why tags are beneficial and how to select the best phrases.

By Steve Matthews


Hot Buttons

Fighting Back Against Technology Addiction

Take some time to get unwired if you don’t want to become unglued.

By Sharon Nelson and John Simek


New Column! Career Steps

Unfolding Your Career Options

In these unpredictable times, how is it possible to assess future career opportunities? Before your next career move, try looking inside, to discover what you enjoy doing most.

By Wendy Werner



Between Law School and Real-World Practice: Filling the Gap for Associates

An up-close look at Howrey’s new two-year professional development program for incoming associates.

By Marcia Pennington Shannon



Open Minds and Ears: The Keys to Thriving in the Future

Sticking to your comfort zone is not the best way to build business. Tapping into the trends affecting clients will open up all kinds of opportunities.

By Sally J. Schmidt


Taking the Lead

Getting Your Partners to Take Action

What do you do when your partners say all the right things but fail to follow through? Here’s a top-10 list of ideas to use when you need to get people moving.

By Karen MacKay