October 23, 2012

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July/August 2010 Issue | Volume 36 Number 4 | Page 20


Managing Engagements and Alternative Fee Arrangements
Thomson Reuters has announced the release of an engagement planning and management software tool developed by Hildebrandt Baker Robbins. Thomson Reuters Engage will enable law firms to create, monitor and manage integrated budgets and work plans for matters and portfolios of matters—including the ability to develop, track and manage alternative fee arrangements. The software integrates with law firms’ existing management information systems—including time and billing, human resources, e-mail and customer relationship management—and leverages firm experience to help users build detailed plans and precise budgets. As lawyers lay out the engagement requirements and their approach, Engage creates comprehensive project plans and budgets. Firms adjust timekeeper and staff assignments, timelines and budgets to optimize plans within a client’s specified guidelines and objectives. Engage provides continual monitoring, allowing users to track how the engagement is performing against plan. Thomson Reuters Engage was released in May to a small group of lighthouse customers and will be commercially available later in 2010.

Streamlined Video and Transcript Management
Esquire Solutions has released EsquireView, a new synchronized video and transcript management system that helps users review transcripts and videos and then prepare persuasive presentations. With EsquireView, users can create trial-ready still images, text and video clips; find critical words in the transcript quickly with the word index feature; include highlighted personal notes as a transcript is reviewed; redact confidential information; create issue logs; quickly sort and export video, text and images to Microsoft PowerPoint; and easily export full transcripts to Sanction or other systems. Developed by Sanction Solutions, EsquireView is disc-based, PC -only software that is only distributed by Esquire Deposition Solutions.

Role-Based Dashboards Monitor Firm Performance
Aderant Expert ClearView is a new Microsoft SharePoint-based application that gives Aderant Expert users a consolidated view of firm operational data and performance information. Predefined, interactive Sharepoint dashboard pages are based on roles within the firm, designed to deliver data tailored to the needs of users. For example, partners and finance executives gain access to performance information such as trends and profitability analysis, which helps them quickly understand how the firm is performing and which aspects of their operations need attention. Professionals get a consolidated, graphical view of operational and financial data as it relates to their clients and matters. The predefined pages allow users to get up and running quickly, while still allowing for customization. Expert Clearview includes ClearView Practice, which provides operational data to professionals, practice group leaders and executives, and ClearView Performance, which provides strategic information and analysis capabilities to executives and partners.

Updated Dictation App
BigHand has launched an updated BigHand for iPhone App. The dictation app forms part of BigHand’s Enterprise Edition. In addition to speech recoding and editing, features include the ability to take photos from within the app and attach them automatically to dictation; priority settings; and conversion of voice to text via a server-based engine if no PA support is available. Users can also view work lists, track live progress updates and receive automatic notifications about completed documents. Note that full BigHand for iPhone functionality such as sending, tracking work or converting voice to text requires a license key activation via a connection to a BigHand Enterprise installation. The free App Store download allows only recording, editing and built-in photo capability.

Expert Witness Resource
Thomson Reuters’ newly launched Westlaw Expert Center is a resource for finding, researching and connecting with expert witnesses. Accessing the largest collection of expert witness information, Westlaw Expert Center provides profiles, curricula vitae, court-filed résumés, expert challenge reports, expert evaluator reports and testimony documents, as well as Westlaw’s extensive legal document library. Westlaw Expert Center incorporates information from The Daubert Tracker, a leading source of information on the admissibility of scientific evidence and expert witness testimony. The Daubert Tracker helps ensure thorough checks of the “gatekeeping history” of experts by providing accurate expert witness names and identification of an expert’s discipline. It also provides access to expert witness information contained in unreported cases. Westlaw Expert Center supplements information from The Daubert Tracker with thousands of additional expert witness challenges, as well as editorial enhancements to assist in conducting thorough expert due diligence.

Updated Tables of Authorities Application
Levit & James, Inc. has released Best Authority Version 2.7, updated to be compatible with Microsoft Office 2010. Best Authority is a leading software application for creating professional-quality tables of authorities in legal briefs. It is available in premium and light editions to suit various firm size and cost requirements.