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Video is increasingly a must-have marketing tool on law firm Web sites. And today, creating videos is easier than ever, with production methods to fit every budget. However you create them, simple 30- to 60-second videos can help engage visitors, bring them into your firm’s environment, and create an instant connection. Here are five ideas for using Web video to get your message to your market.


1. Promote the firm’s brand. Video can provide Web site visitors with a closer look at your firm’s culture and put a personal stamp on the firm’s brand. Create a one-minute snapshot of what sets your firm apart from the competition, and visitors will come away from your site with a core message about the firm. Make sure the rest of the site, of course, supports that message through written content, work examples and photos or brand graphics.

2. Focus on individuals. Clients don’t hire law firms, they hire lawyers. What better way to showcase the talent in your firm than with videos of lawyers discussing their work? Whether the lawyers discuss specific practices, how they approach client service or a case they’ve handled, through video clients become more comfortable with the firm because they are learning about the firm from the lawyers themselves. Videos that introduce visitors to your firm’s talents and attorneys are a great way to begin building a relationship with clients even before you meet them face-to-face.

3. Capture and share your events. Do your lawyers participate in community pro bono events, give lectures and speeches on industry-specific topics, or participate on panels or roundtable discussions? Any event that is geared toward interacting with the community, industry groups or clients can be shared on your Web site through video. This is a great way to show that you are connected with what’s going on with your clients, their industries and the wider community.

4. Add energy to blogs. Blogs are great tools for showcasing thought leadership in specific practice areas or industries. They also convey brand through the blogger’s personality. Adding video to blogs enhances this. Video blogging, or vlogging, instantly tells visitors much more about a legal blogger than plain text, and creates more personal relationships. Plus, in some cases, vlog posts are less time-consuming than written blog posts. Many people find it easier just to talk about a subject off-the-cuff. Video lets you get more information out to your followers while avoiding writer’s block or taking time away from personal and professional commitments.

5. Let your clients tell your story. Reach out to your clients and ask if they would be willing to record a short video about their experiences with your firm or a certain lawyer. Have them talk about their working relationship with the firm, the trust they place in you, the loyalty they have received in return. Not only will this promote your firm, but it will also give your clients a venue to reach other people they would have never had an opportunity to reach. Try creating a montage of several clients discussing the firm’s accolades, or one with a client and a lawyer talking about their working relationship.

About the Author

Terry Isner is Senior Vice President and Creative Director of Jaffe PR, which specializes in providing public reputation expertise to law firms and others in the legal industry.