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Cloud-Based Trust Account Management
Rocket Matter has added new legal trust accounting features, giving users the ability to easily track and analyze client trust accounts, prevent common errors in trust account management, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Rocket Matter is a cloud-based practice management product aimed at small to midsize law firms. In addition to trust accounting features, Rocket Matter has made additional changes to billing features, including creation of client dashboards, with at-a-glance accounting information as well as a history of phone messages, and a new batch billing progress bar. Additionally, a new permissions feature restricts access to sensitive information. These product enhancements facilitate quick answers to clients regarding the state of their accounts and matters.

Turnkey Web Site Solution for Small Firms
Esquire Interactive, a Web site development and Internet marketing services provider, has introduced WordPrESQ, an all-in-one Web site and blog application aimed at solo practitioners and small law firms. Based on the world’s leading blog platform, WordPrES Q contains a content management system managed through a Web-based administrator console. Through the admin console, firms can easily create new pages for their site and add links, pictures, articles, firm news, attorney profiles, slide shows and videos. No Web site coding knowledge is required to use the console. In addition, blog capabilities can be used to connect with clients.

New Timesheet Tracking Features
Advanced Productivity Software has announced upgraded features to the time and attendance tracking application RollCall. New features include Payroll Audit Report, which produces a detailed breakdown of employee’s timecards, export batches and export dates; Flex Daily Schedule Support, which enables flexible tracking of varying schedules that may differ from day to day; and Custom Daily Overtime Rules, which offers support for a range of different time entries, including overtime, double time and triple time. Additional upgraded features include support for third shift schedules, annual leave limit enforcement, grace periods and synchronization with DTE Axiom, the company’s time tracking system. R ollCall helps ensure that timesheets are accurate when submitted by staff and eliminates having to recalculate time on manual timesheets. And, by incorporating overtime reporting rules, the software can send e-mails to the appropriate person for overtime approval.

Cloud-Based Document Management for Disaster Preparedness
DocuLex has announced the availability of Archive Studio document and content management software as a software as a service (SaaS) option for disaster recovery and business continuity preparedness. This browser-based content management provides remote document access, permissions, printing and distribution, enabling secure document warehousing and sharing for practical knowledge management and colleague collaboration. Providing off-site document storage accessed by a customized user portal, the program serves an organization’s need to access and utilize their documents during operational interruptions. Archive Studio SaaS is facilitated by WebSearch, a component of the Archive Studio designed to allow sharing of document collections over the Internet. Users are presented with a custom portal designed specifically to their content management needs, including scanned paper converted to PDF and electronically created files in their native formats (including e-mail with attachments). Secure document access is a key component to the architecture of this hosting offering, with encrypted site access and SSL protection.

Virtual Transcriptionist
SpeakWrite is an iPhone app that bundles audio recording and dictation with a transcription service. Users can record any length audio, store it on their phone or send it as an e-mail, or they can immediately upload it to SpeakWrite’s live typists for transcription. The app can record phone calls, which can then be transcribed as well. Users can also use SpeakWrite to dictate comments or descriptions of the photos taken with the iPhone camera, then receive the dictation back with the text and photos integrated into a single file. Transcriptions are delivered back in Microsoft Word format in approximately three hours, and the service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The transcription service is pay-as-you-go. The app is free—the only charges incurred are for transcription work done. The rate is $1.25 per word for standard work, or about $3.75 for a full page of transcribed material. or

Automated Forms
EasySoft offers streamlined, automated forms, products and services in divorce financials and settlements, trust accounting, bankruptcy and real estate, including HUD settlement statement preparation, disbursement check preparation/printing and 1099-S electronic filing. EasySoft offers weekly training webinars, free downloads and one year of free technical support, and is a pay-as-you-go program.

New Video and Transcript Management Features
Esquire Solutions has added EsquireView software to its transcript package, offering video sychronization and robust transcript management. Developed by Sanction Solutions, the PC -only software helps users create trial-ready still images, text and video clips; find critical words in the transcript quickly with the word index feature; include highlighted personal notes as a transcript is reviewed; redact confidential information; create issue logs; quickly sort and export video, text and images to Microsoft PowerPoint; and easily export full transcripts to Sanction or other systems.

Upgraded Records Manager
DocAuto has released WorkSpace Manager Version 1.6.32. The software provides extended support for iManage Records Manager, including the ability to move documents into WorkSpace folders based on whether they have been declared as records; the ability to declare or undeclare documents in a folder as documents are added or removed; and the ability to declare or undeclare the entire contents of a WorkSpace, tab, search or folder. Additionally, WorkSpace Manager includes the ability to declare documents when they are moved from one database to another as part of its archiving or aging processing, as well as undeclare documents that are being updated as part of the aging processing, and then re-declare them after they are updated.

Online Translation Tool for E-Discovery Documents
Select Translation Service Version 2.0 from Linguistic Systems, Inc. now offers four levels of service to choose from when translating e-discovery foreign language documents into English. Levels for the online service are based on the priorities of accuracy, speed and cost. The first level provides immediate delivery of the raw output of machine translation at very low cost. If warranted, the user can then return to the online menu and request level two for fast turnaround of a light human edit for better comprehension. At the third level, the user can select human edit, which provides greater accuracy and correct grammar. Finally, the fourth level offers complete human translation without an initial machine translation, which offers top-quality, certifiable work suitable for court submission.

New Online Collaboration Tool Workspaces is a new collaboration space that lets teams work together on projects. Team members can store and organize project content online, and share and manage access to files. is a set of hosted services that facilitate internal and external collaboration between individuals and groups. I n just a few clicks, people can create Workspaces, store and share documents, and convert files to PDF. Teams can also meet in real-time and share screens using Adobe ConnectNow, or create documents and tables with online office applications, such as Buzzword and Tables. Users simply access an online Workspace to review and collaborate on documents. Administration privileges can be assigned to specific team members to help maintain control over levels of access to each project’s documents. Users have their own personal workspace to store documents before they are ready to be shared.

Metadata Removal Protection for the iPad
3BView has announced 3BCleanDocs for the iPad. This cloud-based service is designed to prevent inadvertent disclosure of metadata in e-mail documents sent via desktop, laptop or mobile devices, including by BlackBerry, Mac, iPhone and now iPad users. 3BCleanDocs enables users to remove any metadata in a document by simply adding a code to an e-mail address. All of the hidden data stored behind the visible content of a document, such as tracked changes, author and time stamp, are removed.