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March/April 2010 Issue | Volume 36 Number 2 | Page 46



The Palm Pre (now Palm Pre Plus) and Palm Pixi run on the open source WebOS. Even though the mobile world is dominated by offerings from Apple and Google, these handsets and the Palm’s WebOS have a lot to offer. Here are some of our favorite WebOS features and favorite Palm Pre apps.

Integrated Contacts. Technically speaking, this is not an app for the WebOS, but a feature of the operating system. It is, however, a place where WebOS shines. The phone effortlessly combines your contact lists from Outlook, Google and Facebook and organizes them in an intuitive, easy interface.

Integrated Calendars. Similar to the way the WebOS handles multiple sources of contacts, the Pre combines multiple calendars into one beautiful and perfectly integrated interface. It even has the ability to contact attendees from a calendar entry to let them know you’re running late automatically.

PDF View. Anyone who remembers fighting PDFs in the old Palm OS will be amazed at how well the new viewer works in the WebOS.

Card View. WebOS is a multitasking champ. Card view allows you to flip through open apps like cards in a deck. It also makes closing a program as easy as flicking it to the top of the screen.

Evernote. Evernote is a fantastic notetaking app for your digital life. The WebOS app lets you access all of your information from wherever you are.

FlightView . Real-time flight information, including flight tracking, and status alerts for delays or cancellations, makes this a must-have app for the frequent flyer.

Tweed . If you can’t access Twitter from it, it ain’t a smartphone. Tweed is a handy app for harnessing Twitter’s power.

LinkedIn. The WebOS app for LinkedIn is a great way to stay connected with your professional network and make sure you are getting the most out of your social media.

Kobo. This app, formerly known as Shortcovers, gives you a slick little e-book reader right on your Pre, with titles available from Random House, Harper Collins and more.

Intuit GoPayment. Turn your Pre into a credit card processor with this app from the maker of Quicken and Quickbooks, and process credit cards anywhere you have your Pre with you.

Accuweather. Need to stay on top of the weather? This app does a terrific job of providing detailed forecasts and conditions.

Google Voice for Mobile. Google has launched its official Web app for Google Voice for iPhones and the Pre. Just go to m.google.com/voice in your browser.

Net2Streams Pro. Have a favorite radio station you’d like to listen to even when you’re not at home? This app lets you listen online to over-the-air radio stations. You can search for your station, browse by music genre, add stations to your favorites list, and find stations from SHOUTcast Radio.

Tip’em. This great tip calculator and check splitter even allows you to exclude tax and drinks.

Fandango. Fandango finds movies and theaters nearby using the Pre’s location services and then allows you to log into your Fandango account and buy tickets.

Flashlight. This free app lets you use your Pre as a flashlight. You select the color and patterns.

Pandora.. Streaming customized radio that will have you wondering why you ever bothered to purchase music in the first place.

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