October 23, 2012

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January/February 2010 Issue | Volume 36 Number 1 | Page 25


Calendaring Solution Adds Robust User Rules
CompuLaw has released Version 10.0 of Compulaw Vision, its popular calendaring solution. This version offers new toolbars and features, a redesigned menu and easily identifiable icons. Users can now position toolbars by preference, customize firm date calculations, and set how events are calculated on a matter-by-matter basis. An update to the Event Selections reduces clutter by creating and saving templates of event classes, such as motions and discovery deadlines, then hiding or unhiding these individual events from one or more timekeepers’ calendars. In addition, a new Rules Group has been added with links to rules-related features, including rules preferences, Live Update, rules verification reports, jurisdiction information, active jurisdictions, date calculator and court rules changes. The software also features a redesign of the Matter Info form, which now includes more jurisdictional information. In addition, the User Rules Sets now enables users to assign up to four user rule sets to a jurisdiction or set of jurisdictions.

Expanded Islamic Finance Center
Westlaw Business’s Islamic Finance Centre has added two new resources to help business law practitioners understand developments and issues within the Islamic finance industry. Westlaw Business announced an agreement with the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOI FI) to provide current standards and other Islamic finance industry information. AAOI FI helps address issues that determine whether certain transactions or activities are compliant with Sharia laws. AAOI FI standards are developed in consultation with leading Sharia scholars and experts in the fields of banking, insurance, economics, law and asset management. In addition, the Centre will provide advice and insights from the Islamic Financial Services Board (IFSB) on Sharia law and regulations. The IFSB is an international standard-setting organization that promotes and enhances the soundness and stability of the Islamic financial services industry.

E-Discovery Upgrade Adds Data Warehousing and More
Wave Software’s new Trident Pro 7.0 has added data warehousing capabilities, advanced multi-threaded processing and project management work-flow tools. Trident Pro is used by law firms, legal departments and litigation support and e-discovery service providers to quickly pre-process, filter and cull data in preparation for attorney review. The new data warehousing capabilities will enable users to search old and new data, review past clients and retrieve prior search terms. The data warehouse enables case management and analysis and delivers matter information within the software’s easy user interface. New advanced multi-threaded processing is based on the work-flow defined by the operator. Files and message stores can be parceled out to several different processing steps independent of the rest of the files or messages. The new project management tools allow users to configure Trident Pro to run the steps exactly as wanted—including completely hands-free processing and scheduling of after-hours processing. Additionally, Trident Pro can now provide deeper statistical analysis of search results, using new features such as proximity evaluation over pre-specified time periods.

Cleaning Up Metadata
3BCleanDocs is a new cloud-based service from 3BView designed to prevent the inadvertent disclosure of metadata in documents sent via Web mail, or via mobile devices such as BlackBerrys, iPhones, PDAs, Netbooks and Macs. 3BCleanDocs provides the solo practitioner or small firm with easy-to-use mobile protection across multiple device types and access methods. By simply subscribing to the service and then adding a code at the end of an e-mail address, the users can protect themselves, and their client, by removing any metadata that existed in the document that’s being sent. All the hidden information stored behind the visible content of a document, such as tracked changes, author, time stamp and so forth, will be removed and not available for the recipient to view. To help firms evaluate this service, 3BView is offering a complimentary subscription period of two months. At the end of the complimentary period, the subscription will be fee-based at $15 per month.

Auto-Activation Now Available for Web-Based Practice Management Software
Rocket Matter, a Web-based legal practice management and time and billing solution for small to midsized firms, has added auto-activation and improved calendar functionality. Customers may now sign themselves up rather than wait for a product demonstration and setup. Plus, new three-minute training materials presented during activation make learning the product even easier. Auto-activation, simple data importers, intuitive features and quick training materials allow customers to migrate to Rocket Matter with minimal interruption to their offices. New customers can import Outlook calendars and contacts, vCard files and Internet Calendar records. They are also able to pull data in from Gmail, Google Calendar, Mac Address Book and many other standards-compliant programs. Rocket Matter staff can assist with more involved imports. In addition, improved calendar features include the ability to schedule events to repeat at regular intervals, and to assign tags to calendar events, enabling easy search across the product. Users can continue to accept or decline meetings, view group or firm-wide calendars, see day, week and month views, and use drag-and-drop event editing.