October 23, 2012


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Table of Contents VOL 35 NO 4 - JUNE 2009


Thinking About the Unthinkable: How to Guard Against Fraud and Embezzlement in Your Firm

Here’s a look at how to spot the red flags and safeguard your practice against lawyers or staff that may have the motive, means and opportunity to commit fraud or embezzlement.

By David Debenham and Sheila Blackford


The People Paradox: How Can You Cut the Cost of Your Firm’s Greatest Asset?

As firms lose business, many are turning their cost-cutting sights on their greatest asset and biggest expense: their people. But out of serious challenge comes the opportunity to examine the entire spectrum of talent management and compensation—and to restructure the firm’s business model in overdue ways.

By David E. Gaulin


What Value Do You Add as a Partner? Securing Your Job and the Future of Your

To ensure the security of the partnership, all partners must contribute to nurturing the personal, professional and economic bonds that keep the firm together. It’s time to evaluate your contributions and assess how you are doing.

By Karen MacKay


Staying Resilient: Tips for Sustaining High-Level Performance

Developing the core skills that underpin mental toughness can help you flourish under pressure.

By Graham Jones


Are You in Denial About Billing Methods? Learning the New Habit of Alternative Fees

As client demands for billing changes rise, so does the need to implement alternative and fixed-fee arrangements so that your firm can remain competitive.


Is It Time to Kill the Billable Hour? Why Death Doesn’t Look Imminent

For some types of matters, there is currently no alternative to billing by the hour— for two basic reasons.

By Robert W. Denney


Are Your Bills Irrelevant to Clients?

Focusing on outcomes rather than outputs by employing value-based billing can strengthen profitability and enhance client service.

By Andrew C. Hall


Product Watch

Affordable portables and other tech releases.


Tips & Tricks

Packing a Punch: How-Tos for Better Webinar Presentations, Part 2

Use these pointers on the tools and tactics that will help you avoid snafus and become the ultimate online presenter.

By Dan Pinnington


Hot Buttons

To SaaS or Not to SaaS? Control and Cost Issues

Too often, all the costs and risks are not considered when analyzing software as a service offerings. Here’s advice on weighing the pros and cons.

By Sharon Nelson and John Simek



ABA TECHSHOW 60 Sites: Latest and Greatest Internet Hits

Before blawg rolls and blawg worlds, there was ABA TECHSHOW’s 60 Sites in 60 Minutes. Here are the editor’s picks from the 2009 presentation.


Legal Web 2.0

Are You Considering Twittering? Ways to Cut through the Noise

If you haven’t tried Twitter, here’s why you should, with a look at new resources that add value to Twitter for lawyers.

By Nicole Black



Keeping Your Practice Out of the Hole: Finance Tips

From screening policies to collection strategies, here are tips for getting your finances on more solid ground.

By David Bilinsky and Laura Calloway



Top Ingredients for Cooking Up a Highly Rated Law Practice

Law firms can learn a few things about survival from the strategies of a culinary superstar.

By Marcia Pennington Shannon



The Whys and Hows of Industry Marketing

Taking an industry or niche approach to your marketing can have big benefits.

By Sally J. Schmidt


Taking the Lead

Making Good Decisions in the Face of Change

Here’s advice for managing partners on how to balance the tension of current realities with the long-term interests of the firm.

By Karen MacKay