October 23, 2012

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Table of Contents VOL 35 NO 3 - APRIL/MAY 2009


Innovation: Getting It Done

In a profession populated by strong, creative, analytical thinkers, getting a great idea is the easy part. It's the "doin' it" part that's the killer-but it can happen.

By Merrilyn Astin Tarlton


Running Ahead of the Pack: Trailblazers in the Law Firm World

When law firm leaders push through innovations that make their firms unlike all the others, do their moves affect the rest of the pack? Here are portraits of four firms-Summit Law Group, Exemplar Law Partners, Levenfeld Pearlstein and Novack and Macey- that have made the leap to become "something new."

By Steven T. Taylor


Six Common Pitfalls to Change and How to Avoid Them

If you're serious about transforming your firm, beware of the obstacles and common mistakes-from choosing poor leaders and setting inadequate goals to relying on consultants and task forces.

By Carla Schnitker


Signs of Innovative Life in the Practice of Law

We've asked some of the profession's forward-looking pundits to help identify where innovation is lurking, just waiting to improve your life and your bottom line. Thomas Clay, Diane Costigan, Joan Feldman, Ron Friedmann, Jordan Furlong, Steve Gallagher, Steve Matthews, Jeffrey Nischwitz, Jamie Spannhake and Ron Staudt weigh in with perspectives.


Sparking New Ideas with Brainstorming Sessions

Believe it or not, there are plenty of good reasons a law firm would want to hold a brainstorming session. Here are guidelines to help ensure it's worthwhile.

By Wendy L. Werner


Leading With a Forward Focus

As competition heats up, Big Law firms are pursuing ways to transform a practice in its target market's eyes for the long term. Here's a look at Foley Hoag's Emerging Enterprise Center, Seyfarth Shaw's process improvement initiative and other forward-focused approaches.

By Silvia L. Coulter


Product Watch

A review of different digital recording devices for capturing meetings.

By Nerino J. Petro, Jr.



Tips & Tricks

Is Anyone Out There? How-tos for Better Webinar Presentations

More and more lawyers are involved in remote CLE programs. Use these pointers to become the ultimate online presenter.

By Dan Pinnington


Hot Buttons

Capturing Quicksilver: Records Management for Tweets, Blogs and Social Networks

For purposes of retention requirements and ESI preservation, Twitter and similar technologies are giving records managers a Goliath-size headache.

By Sharon Nelson and John Simek




Sponsorships and Charitable-Giving Programs: Your Firm's Rights to Realizing a Profit

Do you know the ROI on the charitable dollars you spend? It's time to get serious about your sponsorship policies.

By Ellen S. Hattenbach



Finding Some Silver in the Financial Clouds: Technology Tips

Bartering with vendors, mining the value of past work and more-these technology tips can sweeten your bottom line.

By David Bilinsky and Laura Calloway



Are You Offering the Golden Egg or Golden Handcuffs? Alternatives to Partnership

It may be time to exercise some ingenuity in the options your firm offers.

By Marcia Pennington Shannon



Getting Personal: How to Customize Your Business Development Strategy

Are your business development tactics too generic? Try these tips.

By Susan Saltonstall Duncan


Taking the Lead

Dealing with the Dearly Departing

Letting lawyers go is one of the least pleasant tasks a managing partner faces. Here are guideposts for the task.

By Ed Flitton