60 Sites: Latest and Greatest Internet Hits from ABA TECHSHOW 2009

Before blawg rolls and blawg worlds, there was ABA TECHSHOW’s 60 Sites in 60 Minutes. Here are the editor’s picks from the 2009 presentation.

At ABA TECHSHOW 2009’s popular “60 Sites in 60 Minutes,” Jim Calloway, Laura Calloway, Barron Henley and Lincoln Mead revealed their picks for the latest and greatest sites on the Internet, along with oldies but goodies that are part of their daily Web routines. We’ve included some of the best below—law-related pages, free services and practical sites that can help increase your productivity. Check for the complete list, as well as the 60 Sites Hall of Fame from past conferences.

ACS ResearchLink
An online community where lawyers submit legal research topics for law students to explore in faculty-supervised writing projects for academic credit. Student papers are posted in the site’s searchable library.

All My Faves
A visually organized directory with hundreds of links to popular sites, handily categorized under the Web’s most searched-for topics.

Alltop (Law)
Top legal headline news links from a variety of publications and blogs.

Association of Corporate Counsel
Downloadable articles, forms and other resources for in-house counsel.

Constant Contact
E-mail marketing service with simple-to-use tools for increasing client contact through newsletters, surveys and event invitations.

Free service enables Web meetings on the fly (no downloads required). Share pictures, PPTs, PDFs, screens and video.

Experts Exchange
A knowledge-sharing platform for solving technology problems. Ask unique questions or search the extensive knowledgebase.

A handy Web-based file transfer, exchange and management application.

Gizmo’s Tech Support Alert
Freeware reviews and information from a community-based site staffed by volunteers.

Google Analytics
Free site that provides statistics, custom reporting and analysis of Web traffic.

Google Mobilizer
Not all sites are mobile friendly. But you can view your favorite site on your handheld by simply entering its URL in the Google Mobilizer window.

Guy Kawasaki’s Alltop
Personal Alltop site that features technology and headline news links.

Estate planning service that stores any electronic file or document to be released as specified upon verified death.

Easy and speedy way to create a personalized home page.

iPhone J.D.
Resources and personal insights for lawyers using iPhones.

The Jury Expert
A bimonthly publication from the American Society of Trial Consultants. Covers topics ranging from jury selection and bias to expert witness preparation and confidentiality.

Legal Business Development
Weekly blog highlighting the latest in law practice business trends, management, finance and marketing.

Legal OnRamp
Facilitates collaboration, Web 2.0 style, between clients, law firms and other legal services providers. Firms are invited to post profiles. Services include wikis, blogs, best practices, databases and automated tools for legal work.

The American Bar Association’s social networking spot, with community resources, blogs, articles, job postings and peer connections for legal professionals.

From the folks at LexBlog, follows those who use Twitter to discuss law-related topics. Nerino

Petro’s Compujurist
Legal technology, practice management and other items of interest to lawyers, from the practice management advisor for the Law Office Management Assistance program of the State Bar of Wisconsin.

Next Worth
Sell, upgrade or recycle old laptops, BlackBerrys, GPS devices, cameras, iPods and iPhones, video games and consoles using this site.

PC Magazine’s “How to Delete Accounts from Any Website”,2817,2342599,00.asp
Outlines the steps to take when closing online accounts with social networks, blogs, online or sharing services and Internet retailers.

PDF Hammer
Free online PDF editor that’s an alternative to Adobe Acrobat. Upload PDF files to PDF Hammer via your browser, do your edits and then save the files back to your computer.

Articles, tools and resources to help avoid legal malpractice while growing a thriving law practice. Canadian-based but useful to U.S. practices.

Articles and resources about the latest developments and tools available to those posting on the Web.

Remember the Milk
Free planning application that helps you get organized and manage tasks from anywhere. It even sends to-do reminders via e-mail.
Minimizes spam by converting e-mail addresses into short links that can be shared on the Web and used only by actual people.

Search Engine Colossus
From this site you can explore 311 countries and territories, search in other languages and make your own submissions to search engines.

Upload and share PowerPoint presentations and Word documents.

Social Media Law Student
Information and developments about the use of blogs and social media in the practice of law.

Support Space
Certified experts to help with software, equipment and network assistance.

Offers automatic and intuitive file sharing and backup, as well as instant synchronization between multiple computers.

TechnoLawyer BlawgWorld Newsletter
Newsletter that collects the best of the legal technology and practice management Internet postings each week.

VIN Check
Service offered by the National Insurance Crime Bureau shows whether a vehicle has been reported as stolen or a salvage vehicle.

Convert document, music, video and image files for free without software download.

About the Presenters

Laura Calloway, Director of the Alabama State Bar’s Practice Management Assistance Program, blogs at The Last Word,

Jim Calloway, Director of the Oklahoma Bar Association’s Management Assistance Program, writes the award-winning Law Practice Tips Blog at

Barron Henley is a lawyer and legal technologist and a founding member of Henley March & Unger Consulting, Inc.

Lincoln Mead is the IT Director of the Utah State Bar Association.