October 23, 2012

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March 2009 Issue | Volume 35 Number 2 | Page 19

Product News

Metadata Cleaner for Handhelds
3BCleanMobile is a document metadata cleaner for the mobile workforce, designed to prevent the leakage of hidden information in documents sent via Web mail or mobile devices. It removes hidden information stored behind the visible content of a document, such as tracked changes, authors and time stamps. Because it is server-based, 3BClean-Mobile can co-reside with or replace a desktop application and can be managed centrally, without the installation or maintenance of any additional applications at the device level. It can be integrated with enterprise data loss prevention (DLP) systems and document and content management systems.

New Time and Billing Application
TurboLaw has launched its TurboLaw Time and Billing application and is offering a free 30-day trial download. The software features a stopwatch tool that accurately tracks time spent with clients, as well as time spent on client-related tasks such as document preparation and research, meetings, e-mail and telephone contact. This easy-to-use software quickly creates customized client bills and statements, as well as detailed charts and graphs of productivity, revenue and time spent per client per staff member.

Upgraded E-Discovery Platform
Equivalent DATA’s NeedleFinder Version 3.5 features Insight e-discovery analysis technology, exceeding current case law requirements for transparency and accountability by recording all search and culling criteria. Users can instantaneously verify results and clearly understand how they were achieved. Upgrades include an enhanced user-friendly interface, the ability to build and cull conversations on e-mail chains, improved embedded document options, international character set processing, and project import/export for data sharing across organizations. Unicode is supported, as well as the EDRM XML model. The software is now compatible with metadata from Microsoft Office 2007 documents, and over 100 new metadata fields were added.

Upgraded Case Management Suite
Client Profiles has released the latest version of its legal case management suite, Case Management Version 8.6 . The new version offers enhanced Microsoft Outlook integration to better facilitate synchronization between the Client Profiles Contact Card File system and handheld devices such as Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and iPhone. In addition, the new version offers calendar-based time entry screens; client/matter rules-based time entry; enhanced records requests tracking for complex litigation; and an eRouter Bar Code Scanning Module for automatic document filing.

Document Assembly for Complex Documents
Exari Group, Inc. has released Exari Version 5.3 . New features of this document assembly and contact management software include: Interview Auto Recovery, which automatically saves a user’s answers; Interview Progress, which allows users the freedom to choose the order in which they complete the wizard-based interview; an answer-file comparison tool; a dynamically generated chart builder; and an offline mode for business users who work in the field without Internet access. Exari Version 5.3 also features enhancements to its best-of-breed authoring environment. Authors can now visualize template logic in a dynamic, interactive “cloud” using the Web browser; utilize Q&A tools to shorten the authoring-testing cycle; and generate a Word version of their Exari master template.

New File Redaction Software
Redact-It’s new Redact-It Desktop 1.1 software removes sensitive content and privacy information, such as social security numbers, names and phone numbers, before making documents widely available. The software reduces the time it takes to redact, review and release documents for public access, e-discovery and other processes. Redact-It Desktop 1.1 applies redaction capabilities to Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel, while providing OCR (optical character recognition) document processing that converts PDFs and TIFFs into text-searchable fi les. This low-cost desktop application uses pattern recognition to find and redact information within a document, and it includes built-in macros to redact privacy information such as a person’s name, phone numbers, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, credit card numbers, birth dates and more. Users can also create custom search macros and scripts for specifi c needs like account or ID numbers. Redact-It also includes defined area redaction—drawing a box around the area to be redacted. Combined with Redact-It’s “peek through” feature, this makes it easy to select limited areas to redact.


Lawyer-to-Lawyer Social Networking Site
Martindale-Hubbell Connected , LexisNexis’ newly launched online community, enables lawyers to quickly connect, network, communicate and collaborate with trusted and authenticated colleagues. The site harnesses the power of the LexisNexis database of 950,000 lawyers, and is the only lawyer-to-lawyer network combining networking functionality with 140 years of comprehensive data and content. Members will be able to create profiles, share lawyer and law firm client reviews and securely send messages to other site members —uncovering millions of potential connections among lawyers. Members will also have access to powerful collaborative tools and exclusive LexisNexis and user-driven content.

Those who already have profiles on martindale.com can import existing biographical information into their Connected profile. Initially, the network is available only to lawyers. Other members of the legal community will be invited to join at a later date. There is no cost to join the network, although permissions to use some features may depend on a firm’s Martindale-Hubbell subscription.