October 23, 2012

Notes from Law Practice's Editor-in-Chief Dan Pinnington

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March 2009 Issue | Volume 35 Number 2 | Page 4

From the Editor

Notes from Law Practice's Editor-in-Chief Dan Pinnington

The cool—make that freezing—winds of March mean that soon it will be time for another ABA TECHSHOW ® , held April 2-4 this year. And another ABA TECHSHOW means that it’s time for the annual technology tips issue of Law Practice .

Y ear after year, 60 Tips in 60 Minutes is one of the most popular sessions at ABA TECHSHOW. Why is the format so popular? Simply because it crams a huge amount of content into a single presentation. You get 60 bite-sized pieces of practical and helpful information—just listen and you get the idea or concept. Then you go back to your office and apply it the next day.

Last year, we applied the quick tips session format to create Law Practice ’s first ABA TECHSHOW tips issue. Since we received such fantastic feedback on that issue, which you can find in our online archives, we decided to do it again.

Working with ABA TECHSHOW 2009 Chair Laura Calloway, we identified hot topics from the upcoming conference, and asked some of the always great presenters to share their tips. In this issue, you’ll fi nd ideas to help you do more on the Web while stretching your research dollars, as well as advice for collaborating with clients and colleagues—including how to use IM more effectively. Chasing new business in hard times is important, so we’ve included tips on expanding your online presence and creating e-mail newsletters. And since more lawyers want to move to a paperless office, or at least one with less paper, we’ve included steps for successful scanning. You’ll also find techno-ethics tips that will help you appreciate the dangers of technology and avoid ethics complaints and malpractice claims. (Did you know Message Recall doesn’t work?) Lastly, you’ll find tips for handling smaller-scale e-discovery.

ABA TECHSHOW and many state and local bar associations’ solo and small firm conferences are a great place to learn about legal technology. It is unfortunate that there isn’t more CLE on technology and law practice management. And it’s even more unfortunate that some states don’t give CLE credit for—or recognize the value of—practice management and technology education. You simply can’t practice law effectively and efficiently today without technology. It has become critical to providing professional and competent client service at every law firm.

We hope the pages of this issue give you a taste of ABA TECHSHOW and motivate you to attend. I guarantee, you won’t be disappointed—this is technology CLE by lawyers for lawyers. We don’t tolerate selling from the podium and we strive to have at least one substantive paper for all the sessions at the show.

I hope to see all of you at ABA TECHSHOW—if not this year, then at some point in the future. In the meantime, please enjoy the great tips in this issue.

About the Author

Dan Pinnington is Editor-in-Chief of Law Practice Magazine..