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January/February 2009 Issue | Volume 35 Number 1 | Page 23


E-Discovery Enhancements

Stratify Legal Discovery Version 8.0 has been optimized to handle complex documents and large-scale e-discovery matters, allowing more efficient review of complex documents. The product also enables lawyers to overcome search limitations with multi-byte foreign languages, such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean, to retrieve more accurate and complete search results. The service can process many more documents each day per individual matter, enabling accelerated early case assessment for faster, more efficient review. In addition, concept organization capabilities uniquely organize millions of documents into a single concept hierarchy, reducing the number of outlier concept folders.

One-Stop China Law Source

Westlaw China now delivers information on more than 300,000 laws and regulations, and offers access to current Chinese law, cases and legislation in high-quality English translations and analysis. For this new site, legal editors gather and translate legislation and cases, summarize legal matters, and build legal topic hierarchies from the issues central to these laws. Information is linked by legal concept, not just keyword, and is easily accessible using search tools familiar to Westlaw users.

Mobile Time Capturing

Sage North America has introduced Mobile Time Capture, a new time capturing capability for Sage Carpe Diem that will allow users to more accurately and easily track billable time on their mobile devices. Carpe Diem provides clients with detailed billing information by allowing accurate and timely capture of billable events. With Mobile Time Capture, Carpe Diem users get real-time access to their company’s time tracking and accounting systems from anywhere, allowing them to automatically track their time off-site; enter their billable hours with notes for more accurate billing; and automatically capture client calls and e-mails before they can be forgotten.

Expanded Global Legal Information Database

The Law Library of Congress has released a new version of the Global Legal Information Network (GLIN ), a public database covering 51 international jurisdictions. GLIN contains official texts of laws, regulations, judicial decisions and other complementary legal sources contributed by 36 governmental agencies and organizations. It is designed to enable international access and comparative legal research based on a common search method. Users can access the database in any of the 14 languages in the system, including the latest addition of simplified Chinese. Enhancements include digital signatures for added security, which assures users that each full-text document contributed to the database is a true representation of the official source document. Other new features include a simplified Chinese Web interface and direct access to the United Kingdom’s Acts of Parliament.

Document Production and Redlining Software

Esquire Innovations has released iCreate 7 and iRedline 7. Both allow users to create, edit and manage legal documents utilizing Microsoft’s OpenXML technology and Net Framework 3. iCreate 7 is a document production software for creating, editing and standardizing legal documents using templates and formatting tools. The new version blends seamlessly with Microsoft Word 2007, and includes an updated template launcher, contact management integration, and legal numbering and styles ribbons. In addition, intelligent ribbons and dialog boxes adjust to template-specific options and fields. iRedline 7 is a document comparison and revision collaboration tool that is designed to enhance Microsoft Word’s tracked changes and compare documents features. iRedline features document management system integration with open text and Interwoven (and other DMS systems), and a tri-view layout that allows the user to view the original, revised and result documents simultaneously.

Web-Based E-Discovery

CT Summation has launched CT Summation Enterprise 2.6. The newly updated product combines iBlaze and WebBlaze with the scalability of a Microsoft SQL Server database to master the massive amounts of information generated by today’s cases. Enterprise has the same look, feel and integrated work flow of iBlaze; however, it offers new features for managing mega-cases, including enhanced tools for volume document coding, improved production tools and field-level security. The new version offers enhanced Tag and Folder Documents, an iBlaze mainstay, and the ability to easily split batch scans and voluminous documents into separate documents. In addition, the Global Replace feature has added functionality, such as the ability to move entire columns of information to an alternate field, and the CopyCase feature now allows users to quickly copy information to their laptops with greater ease. WebBlaze enhancements include the ability to load transcripts remotely, edit document summaries directly from the grid view, and toggle between multiple views using tabs.