October 23, 2012

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March 2008 Issue | Volume 34 Number 2
Table of Contents


How to Carry Your Office in the Palm of Your Hand

Tips and tools for working remotely .

By Brett Burney and Dominic Jaar


How to Get More Out of Voice Recognition Software

A quick tip sheet with commands that will help you get the most out of Dragon Naturally Speaking.

By Britt Lorish Knuttgen


Judges’ Technology Tips: How to Impress (Not Annoy) the Court

Here’s how you can make the most of the brave new world of courtroom technology—and make sure the technology you want to use works as it should.

by Hon. Herbert B. Dixon, Jr., and Hon. Colin Campbell


Seven Steps for Going Paper-Free: The Wonderful World of PDF Digital Work Flow

Tips for creating an electronic work flow that will increase productivity and improve client service.

By David L. Masters


Using Technology to Achieve Superlative Client Communications

Easy-to-use technology tools combined with commonsense business practices can help keep you in touch and enhance your service.
By Catherine Sanders Reach


Googling Beyond the Search Engine: Five Fantastic Tools

Google has developed several excellent offerings that are free and can be put to good use in the practice of law.
By Douglas Jasinski


Mining Time by 10ths: How to Increase Productivity and Bill More Time

No matter how many hours you work, it’s the ones that are billed to clients that serve as the productivity measure in law firms.
By Paul Burton


Hot Web Sites for Lawyers

From EDD updates to a personal travel agent, here are some newer sites that you should definitely check out.
By Tom Mighell


How to Create and Use Competitive Intelligence: 45 Tips for Law Firms

Many law firms are still struggling to understand what CI is, and how it can benefit them. This primer explains how to reap the strategic benefits of CI.
By Ann Lee Gibson




Technology Directory

Law Practice magazine's guide to the ABA TECHSHOW exhibitors.


Who Is...

Greg Siskind Q & A

The story behind the immigration attorney renowned for the breadth and depth of tech tools used in his practice.
By Mark Tamminga


Hot Buttons

Tomorrow in Legal Technology: A Potpourri of Predictions

The Star Trek era is coming (we know it). But closer at hand, crystal-ball gazing at technology affecting lawyers in this galaxy.
By Sharon Nelson and John Simek



Securing Your Client's Data While on the Road

Featuring the best pointers from ABA TECHSHOW® in snippets of sage advice from past presentations.


Tips & Tricks


Time-Saving, Client-Pleasing, Practice-Building TECH Tips
By Dan Pinnington


Product Watch

Product Watch

Microsoft Office OneNote is no one-trick pony—plus legal technology product news.
By Nerino J. Petro, Jr.



How to Create and Use Competitive Intelligence: 45 Tips for Law Firms

A primer on reaping the greatest benefits from a CI investment.
By Ann Lee Gibson


Roundtable: CI Tactics, Tools and Lessons to Be Learned

An all-star discussion of CI in the legal profession.
Moderator: Dennis M. Kennedy



Tips for Making Your Firm More Prosperous

From case plans to employee turnover, advice to keep more green in your jeans.
By David Bilinsky and Laura Calloway



Keeping Up With Marketing Speak

A plain-English glossary of law firm marketing terms
By Sally J. Schmidt



Work-Life Balance: Promoting a Vacation-Friendly Firm

Encouraging the right to recharge
By Marcia Pennington Shannon