October 23, 2012

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Marketing Technology Trends

Ways To Boost Your Business Development In 2008


 Table of Contents

January 2008 Issue | Volume 34 Number 1
Table of Contents


Marketing Technology Trends

Today’s marketing arsenal features a vast array of tools—as well as technology practices that range from the truly cutting-edge to the archaic. Where does your firm fall on the scale? Here’s a look at some technologies that can really boost your business development efforts.

By John D. Bowers


Tracking Law Firm Marketing Technology

NEW Marketing Technology Survey Mktg Tech Survey

What are the technology needs of today’s law firm marketing departments? What technology is working—and what is not? The recently released Law Firm Marketing Technology Survey tapped the collective knowledge of firm marketers.

By Sue Stock Allison and Leslie Meagley


What Can Marketing Directors Teach You?

Even if you are in a small firm or solo practice, knowing what technologies the larger firms are using will help you leverage your marketing.

by Merrilyn Astin Tarlton


Placing Bets on Online Social Networking: A Story of Capital Invested Wisely in LinkedIn

Strategically navigated, social networking can be an invaluable business development tool with limitless potential. But you have to give as well as get to grow your capital on these sites.

By Renée Barrett




Backup to Backup: Disaster Recovery Planning

Featuring the best pointers from ABA TECHSHOW® in snippets of sage advice from past presentations.


Hot Buttons

Lawyers on the Air: How to Get Started in Podcasting

Podcasts are great marketing vehicles, allowing you to demonstrate your expertise to a large audience. Here’s how to dive in.

By Sharon Nelson and John Simek


Tips & Tricks

Cell Phone and BlackBerry Etiquette: A Short Refresher

Advice on avoiding raucous ringtones, beeping keyboards and other annoyances.

By Dan Pinnington


Product Watch

Assessing VoIP services for law firms.
By Nerino J. Petro, Jr.




Cash Flow Analysis: The Reports that Make the Biggest Splash

Advice on budget, timekeeping, leakage and dashboard reports that enable you to keep a steady eye on your cash.

By David Bilinsky and Laura Calloway



Helping Associates Improve Their Writing Skills

Steps to take to transition vital marketing-related assets before a partner retires.
By Marcia Pennington Shannon



Helping Associates Improve Their Writing Skills

A legal writing expert’s tips on training junior lawyers to be better writers.

By Marcia Pennington Shannon