October 23, 2012

Notes from New Editor-in-Chief Dan Pinnington

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October/November 2008 Issue | Volume 34 Number 7| Page 3


Notes from New Editor-in-Chief Dan Pinnington

I have been an avid reader of Law Practice magazine for many years, starting in the early ’90s when I was a new associate and my firm’s unofficial IT person. Back then, I was keen on the technology articles and used to borrow the latest issues from my managing partner. The really good technology issues, I confess, never got returned. But it didn’t take long before I came to appreciate the importance of the other core law practice management topics addressed by this magazine, too.

In my day job I now work to help the 21,800 lawyers in Ontario avoid malpractice claims, and preaching better law practice management is a key part of my message. Why? Because lawyer-client communication problems and basic time management issues together account for more than half of the claims my employer handles! In large part, this magazine’s mission is to offer strategies for steering clear of these and other practice pitfalls. It is quite simple: to succeed in the practice of law (and also avoid a malpractice claim) law practice management matters.

So, it is my honor and privilege to take over as Law Practice’s editor-in-chief, beginning with this issue. I must say, it is not without a bit of trepidation that I take on this task, knowing that I’m stepping into big shoes. Dave Bilinsky and my other predecessors put together many excellent issues in their time at the helm. I—along with our distinguished editorial and advisory boards and the dedicated staff behind the magazine—hope to do the same. Among the exciting opportunities and challenges ahead, we are planning some new forays into the Web 2.0 space and more integration with our sister webzine, Law Practice Today.

But we also want your help to make this magazine the best it can possibly be. Tell us the topics you’re interested in and the issues you’re struggling with. Tell us which kind of articles you like and which ones you don’t like. We want your input so we can continue to make this magazine the leading source of information on law practice management. Please send your comments to lawpracticemagazine@gmail.com

And while we’re on the topic of leading, that is our focus for this issue of Law Practice. In my work and travels over the years, I have met many law firm leaders. They have had very different backgrounds, skills, styles and personalities. But the true leaders are always easy to spot. They have energy and vision. They engage the full support of their firms’ lawyers and staff. They lead their people to bigger and better things and create successful and thriving firms in the process. And as we head into trying economic times, it is more critical than ever to have strong and focused leaders at the head of every firm, large and small.

Aspire to be a leader, even if just in your own practice area or group. Good leaders will rise to the top, both in practice and in firm management. Lead on, everyone.

Dan Pinnington , Editor-in-Chief