October 23, 2012

NEWS from the Law Practice Management Section

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September 2008 Issue | Volume 34 Number 6| Page 14

LPM Section News and Events

NEWS from the Law Practice Management Section

This month the Law Practice Management Section begins a new association year, led by Chair Walt Karnstein of Portland, Oregon. Walt and dozens of other LPM Section leaders are continuing popular member programs and developing new programming each month.

In addition, members will have even more opportunities to become more actively involved in LPM. Among upcoming events for the season are the Section Fall Meeting, the second annual ABA Women Rainmakers Mid-Career Workshop, and additional interaction with your colleagues through the Section’s Core Groups. Make the most of your LPM membership by increasing your involvement!

Networking and educational opportunities at the LPM Fall Meeting. The Section’s Fall Meetings are among its best-attended, and all Section members are welcome. At this year’s meeting in Tucson in October, in addition to Section business and planning meetings, LPM will offer networking and social events for members to meet colleagues from around the country. Registration, including most meals, is free for LPM members. To register, visit www.lawpractice.org/meetings/fall/2008.

LPM will also present the second annual Women Rainmakers Mid-Career Workshop, October 17-19, 2008, in connection with the Fall Meeting. Last year’s conference was a huge success and sold out early. Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of this special event. LPM members receive discounts on registration. For complete details, visit www.lawpractice.org/wr/workshop/2008.

Third Thursday teleconferences. LPM’s popular “Third Thursday” CLE teleconferences are back this fall. On Thursday, September 18, LPM will present Avoiding Common Mistakes Associates Make in Client Communications. The coauthors of the forthcoming ABA book The Law Firm Associate’s Guide to Getting Along will draw on their experience as a nationally recognized communications expert and a large-firm partner turned law school dean to address how firms can better communicate with their young lawyers. They’ll also discuss how new lawyers can strengthen relationships with their firms and clients with better communication skills.

On October 16, the program is Embracing the Paper-Free Practice, featuring David Masters and Nancy Duhon. Lawyers who adopt a “paper-free office” to manage the volumes of information they handle can increase productivity, decrease costs and improve the service they provide to clients. Much of the information lawyers deliver (briefs, pleadings, correspondence, opinion letters, forms, contracts) is already created electronically, only to be printed to the ancient media of paper. Even the information from clients and others received in hard copy can be converted to a digital format that is easier to store, search and retrieve information from than paper.

ABA and LPM members receive substantial discounts on LPM CLE teleconference programs. For complete details and to register, please visit www.lawpractice.org/cle.

Join the LPM Core Groups for additional content and networking. Hundreds of LPM members have already joined the Section’s Core Groups, where interested members and leaders discuss topics and develop additional content in each of the core areas of law practice management: marketing, management, technology and finance. Joining a core group is both free and easy for LPM members. Simply visit www.abanet.org, log in to the site with your ABA member ID to view your membership record, and select “Join a Committee” in the Law Practice Management Section.

More Law Practice magazine content online! To make more past Law Practice content available to members and others online, LPM has eliminated the need to log in to the ABA Web site to access the articles. Search our site at www.lawpractice.org and quickly access content from the past several years of award-winning content. Don’t forget to take the Law Practice opinion survey, one of the new ways in which LPM will interact with its members and readers on the Web site in the coming year.

New LPM Books

The Lawyer’s Guide to Concordance by Liz M. Weiman. Using this easy-to-read hands-on reference guide, new Concordance users can get up-to-speed quickly, by following step-by-step instructions, exercises and time-saving shortcuts. Experienced users also will find strategies and methods to further their knowledge and success.

The Lawyer’s Guide to Microsoft Excel 2007 by John C. Tredennick, Jr. This guidebook will help lawyers improve their efficiency and increase their productivity with the most common spreadsheet software on the market. Regardless of your practice area, this book demonstrates how you can specifically use Excel for calculating, sorting, filtering and charting data that is crucial to case management and client relations.

Order these books at www.ababooks.org.

About the Author

Larry C. Smith is the Director of the ABA Law Practice Management Section. Visit www.lawpractice.org for the latest LPM Section news.