October 23, 2012

60 Sites in 60 Minutes: Designed for Speed

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April/May 2008 Issue | Volume 34 Number 3 | Page 21


60 Sites in 60 Minutes: Designed for Speed

Every March, thousands flock to ABA TECHSHOW to hear top legal technology experts present on all the hot topics. In “Tidbit” we feature a snippet of sage advice from a presentation, and then post the complete paper at www.techshow.com/bestpapers.

ABA TECHSHOW® wraps up each year with the fast and furious 60 Sites in 60 Minutes presentation, where panelists quickly review the hottest new sites for lawyers and legal professionals. This perennial favorite is always one of the best-attended sessions, offering practical sites along with some just plain fun ones. Here are just a few of the sites featured at last month’s show.

Kayak.com is a noncommercial travel site aggregator that allows you to instantly compare prices for most hotels, air carriers and rental car companies. It is great for those on a schedule as you can filter results by take-off and arrival times, price and number of stops.

TimeBridge.com helps you avoid those meeting scheduling nightmares. Just select a few dates for your meeting, and the site will send e-mail invites to your attendees, canvassing their availability. Once everyone has responded, a meeting time is set and a confirmation e-mail goes out. Timebridge integrates with Outlook and Google calendars.

go2web20.net Still trying to figure out Web 2.0? This directory offers a huge list of sites and services in the Web 2.0 space. They are displayed visually and searchable by type (calendar, wiki and so on).

NanoScan.com comes in handy when you want a quick second opinion. It runs a full diagnostic scan on your computer for viruses, spyware and Trojans in less than a minute.

Grandcentral.com , just acquired by Google, gives you one phone number and voice mail inbox for all your lines for life.

TheMacLawyer.com is a must-read blog for anyone using a Mac in the legal environment. It’s written by ABA TECHSHOW speaker Ben Stevens.

And just for some fun, check out CubicleFreakout at www.eyegas.com/cubiclefreakout. This is a great site when you need a laugh on a bad day.


For an annotated list of all 60 sites from the presentation, visit www.techshow.com/60sitesHOF , or read the complete paper by using the bestpapers link.

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