October 23, 2012

Insights from LPM Chair Vedia Jones-Richardson

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April/May 2008 Issue | Volume 34 Number 3| Page 3


Insights from LPM Chair Vedia Jones-Richardson

On the Horizon for Law Practice Management.

From the largest multinationals right down to small boutique practices, all manner of law firms have recognized the need to operate in a more efficient, businesslike way. In this endeavor, there is no more important ally than the legal administrator. A firm can derive tremendous benefit from someone who’s dedicated to helping make the day-to-day pieces fall into place while lawyers focus on the practice of law. But the key to success in this alliance is getting the right fit between firm and administrator.

There are nearly as many different administrator job descriptions as there are law firms—and even if you are certain about your administrative needs today, they will almost certainly evolve over time. As with most alliances, having a relationship that can develop in line with your changing objectives is a critical factor for determining the relationship’s success.

This issue of Law Practice offers insights from a variety of experts on how to develop a successful alliance with a legal administrator. Some of these experts work on such issues for a living, while others have developed their expertise as a result of surmounting their own challenges. All have valuable experiences to share.

The sharing of valuable experience, often from firsthand knowledge, is one of the key benefits of participation in the Law Practice Management Section. Being able to reach out to others who are passionate about the successful practice of law helps Section members to develop solutions to the kinds of critical challenges that lawyers face every day. Whether it is by phone, e-mail, “snail mail” or in person, other members with valuable insights always are close at hand to exchange ideas and information with you.

Sharing in the Southwest’s serenity. The next time that Section members will get together in person is during the LPM Section Spring Meeting in Santa Fe,
New Mexico, May 15-17. We will gather at the Hotel Santa Fe, a wonderfully picturesque and friendly establishment that flows with the spirit of its Native American ownership. The hotel is a casual but beautifully appointed facility that displays the work of Native American artisans throughout its rooms and public spaces and is just the right size for us to fill with our members and guests and conduct Section activities in relaxation and comfort.

We are following this introspective theme with our programming as well. A special multipart program, "Living a Life in the Law", will focus on what it takes to survive and thrive in this challenging profession, with components including a presentation, small group discussions and private sessions with coaching professionals. In addition, the Spring Meeting offers a number of casual networking opportunities and optional tours to see the galleries, museums and physical splendors of the Santa Fe area. I know that many are looking forward to gathering in this location, and I hope that you will be joining us as well. Please register right away if you have not done so already to secure your spot. I look forward to seeing you there.

About the Author

Vedia Jones-Richardson , Chair of the ABA Law Practice Management Section, is a principal with Olive & Olive, PA, an intellectual property law firm in Durham, NC.