October 23, 2012

Hot Web Sites for Lawyers

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March 2008 Issue | Volume 34 Number 2 | Page 45

Marketing and Technology

Hot Web Sites for Lawyers

There are so many new Web sites coming out every day, it’s almost impossible to keep track of them all. Here, though, are some newer sites that you should definitely check out.

E-discovery Weblogs

These are just three of the great new resources for learning more about dealing with the increasingly important issue of electronic discovery:

• EDD Update, www.eddupdate.com

• Electronic Discovery Law, www.ediscoverylaw.com

• Ride the Lightning, http://ridethelightning.senseient.com

Your digital reminder service
With Jott, you need never again forget those brilliant 2 o’clock in the morning ideas. Call the Jott toll-free number whenever you want to send a message to yourself or someone else. Jott transcribes your voice message to text and e-mails it to the recipient of your choice—for free.


A personal travel agent

You can send TripIt, the confirmation e-mails you receive from your airline, car rental agency and hotel. TripIt turns the information into a fantastic-looking itinerary you can share with others. You can also include maps, directions and photos.


Federal resources

Legal information provider Justia has launched three great sites that make it easy to research federal cases and laws:

• Federal District Court Opinions and Orders, http://cases.justia.com/federal/district -courts

• Federal District Court Filings and Dockets, http://dockets.justia.com

• U.S. Regulation Tracker, http://regulations.justia.com

All three sites allow you to create RSS feeds that notify you of new activity on your research topic.


Scheduling simplified

TimeBridge, makes it dead simple to schedule a meeting. Choose proposed dates for your meeting and TimeBridge polls attendees’ availability by e-mail. It then compares the responses to calculate the best time and schedules the meeting with a confirmation e-mail.


Cheap online research

AltLaw, provides free, full-text access to more than 300,000 Supreme Court and federal appellate case reports. A more ambitious project is public.resource.org, which will ultimately provide over 1.8 million pages of publicly available federal case law.


Custom-tailored searching

With Google Custom Search Engine, you create your own search engine by specifying a site or collection of sites you want to search. Google then delivers results only from those sites.


Desktop sharing

Rounding out the picks is CrossLoop, which is a free and easy-to-use screen-sharing program. Try it when you need to collaborate on a document, or to give a colleague or friend a little “tech support.”

About the Author

Tom Mighell is Senior Counsel at Cowles & Thompson in Dallas and Chair of ABA TECHSHOW 2008. He is coauthor of the new book The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies: Smart Ways to Work Together (ABA 2008).