October 23, 2012

Securing Your Client’s Data While on the Road

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March 2008 Issue | Volume 34 Number 2 | Page 25


Securing Your Client’s Data While on the Road

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Where is your biggest risk of a data breach or loss of client confidentiality? If you answered hackers—and the majority of lawyers do—you are wrong.

One recent survey reported that 70 percent of data breaches result from the loss or theft of off-network equipment. The most common devices involved are laptops and PDAs, followed closely by USB drives.

Mobile technologies are a necessity for most lawyers today. You likely have a BlackBerry in your pocket and a laptop in your briefcase—and both likely have substantial amounts of confidential client and personal data. These technologies provide great benefits, but if lost or stolen it can result in breaches of confidentiality or loss of data.

Do you appreciate all the steps you should take to secure your remote data? The duty of confidentiality is arguably one of an attorney’s most important ethical responsibilities. This duty extends to confidential data in information systems, computers and networks, including mobile technology.

It is important to understand where your biggest risks are, and what you must do to reduce the likelihood of a data breach. Beyond meeting your ethical obligations, appropriate information security is also an essential part of sound business and professional practice.

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