October 23, 2012

Leverage Your Online Opportunities

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March 2008 Issue | Volume 34 Number 2| Page 16

Five Things

Leverage Your Online Opportunities

Nancy Fox tells how to leverage your online opportunities. (Edited by Ann Lee Gibson)

All successful professionals today use e-mail and the Internet to some extent. Most, however, are not scratching the surface in terms of leveraging online marketing opportunities. Whether you are part of a large firm with an internal marketing department or in a small or solo practice, you can develop a more powerful, personalized message and provide added value to your prospects, contacts and clients online. What’s more, it’s easier, less expensive and more accessible than ever. The potential is huge because Web marketing is viral—meaning it spreads rapidly and exponentially. Here are five tips to propel your marketing online.

1 Cast. Not a fishing line, but a Web-based broadcast like a podcast, videocast or blogcast. People get a deeper sense of your unique value proposition when they can hear you articulate it. Focus your recordings on topics that are key to your target market. Bring in guest participants to add to the discussion as well. Try www.audiogenerator.com to add streaming audio to your Web site.

2 Get connected. MySpace is not just for teenagers. Social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace help you get and stay in touch with people you know and people whom they know. See how just a few relationships can turn into a much bigger network. You can also search these sites for information and ask your network important questions to gain their ideas and insights.

3 E-publish. One of the best ways to easily stay in touch with clients and prospects is to send a monthly or quarterly e-newsletter or e-zine. Use your e-publication to showcase your expertise while you’re at it. Write articles about hot topics that highlight your special knowledge and legal skills. Use a service like www.constant contact.com to distribute your e-zine.

4 Hit the blogosphere. Even if you don’t want to maintain your own blog, you can contribute to someone else’s. Putting thoughtful and relevant posts on established blogs is a great marketing tactic. For added visibility, include a link back to your Web site. To create your own blog, try a personal blogging service like www.blogger.com. Have a podcast link on your blog so that readers can hear the “real” you. It’s as easy as leaving a voice-mail message.

5 Provide informational products. For yet more pizzazz and added value, write materials geared to client needs and translate them to a CD-ROM or downloadable MP3 files. Offer them for free. Make sure the product is relevant to your clients’ businesses, and not just a white paper that shows how smart you are.

About the Author

Nancy Fox is President of Fox Coaching Associates, a business coaching and training organization specializing in business development and leadership for lawyers, CPAs and entrepreneurs.

Ann Lee Gibson, PhD is principal of Ann Lee Gibson Consulting. She consults with law firms on business development initiatives.