October 23, 2012

Enriching Connections

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January 2008 Issue | Volume 34 Number 1| Page 64
From the Editor

Enriching Connections

Editor-in-Chief David Bilinsky on enriching connections. Plus, links to the ABA Law Practice Management Section.

A range of technology tools can help law firms market more effectively to clients and prospects—whether through a firm’s Web site, online surveys, webinars or contact management systems. But the best thing about marketing technology is that, properly used, it can enable lawyers to make more personal connections with clients.

Our entire editorial team strives to make a personal connection with readers in every issue. And starting in 2008, we will be turning to technology to help expand and enrich that connection, by introducing new features that will invite readers to participate online in shaping the topics for future articles and comment on issues raised in our columns and features, too.

For this issue of Law Practice, we have collaborated with ABA TECHSHOW® and the Legal Marketing Association to produce some great content focused on how law firms are using technology for marketing and business development.

I want to thank Tom Mighell, ABA TECHSHOW 2008 Chair, for serving as our guest editor, and Sue Stock Allison and Leslie Meagley for their efforts on the Law Firm Marketing Technology Survey. Their article focuses on the highlights of the survey, which examined law firm marketers’ uses and views on the topic. The complete survey report will be posted on the LPM Web site at www.lawpractice.org.

Also in the feature well, John Bowers overviews some top tools for firms to put in their marketing quivers in 2008. In addition, popular bloggers Denise Howell and Ernie Svenson discuss online social networking, while Renée Barrett provides a guide to using LinkedIn to expand business development efforts. And our case study looks at a firm examining the many aspects of implementing a CRM system.

Of course, ABA TECHSHOW addresses the entire spectrum of technology in law practice. Visit www.techshow.com for the complete conference schedule, and get Tom’s insights in ABA TECHSHOW HOT TOPICS featured in this issue.

About the Author

David Bilinsky is a practice management consultant who focuses on enhancing law firm strategy, finance and technology initiatives, as well as Editor-in-Chief of Law Practice magazine. He blogs at www.thoughtfullaw.com.