June 21, 2011

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Retirement Special Issue

Your Next Managing Partner

Succession Planning Strategies: Dos and Don'ts.

 Table of Contents

December 2007 Issue | Volume 33 Number 8
Table of Contents


Rethinking Retirement: Understanding the War for Legal Talent in the Changing Marketplace

Today firms face a shortage, not a surplus, of talented lawyers. To compete they will need to replace the traditional concept of retirement with flexible options to keep lawyers of all ages working productively and happily.

Plus: A Managing Partner's Journey: Coming to Terms with Change

By Stephen P. Gallagher


That Magic Number: Divining the Monies You Need for Retirement–And More

Everyone’s looking for “the number” of dollars they need to have at retirement. Although there is no predictable number that applies to everyone, there are, fortunately, imprecise rules of thumb to help.

By M. John Sterba, Jr.


What It Takes: Making Retirement a Transition Rather Than a Jump Off a Cliff

Firms of all sizes are struggling with retirement policies. Holland & Hart is tackling the issue with a pumped-up flex-time program.

Plus Manadatory Requirement: Abolish or Pay? by Joan Feldman

by Edward H. Flitton


Selling Your Practice: Fundamentals for Retiring Solos

After investing years in growing a practice, why forgo the chance to reap the benefits? Here is a crib sheet on the whens and hows of selling a law practice.

By Edward Poll



Who Is...

Tom Mighell

Learn how this litigator and legal technologist balances his roles.

By Mark Tamminga



How to Back Up Your PCs and Macs: An Obsessive’s Guide for the Small Law Firm

In this new column, we feature some of the best pointers from ABA TECHSHOW® in snippets of sage advice from past presentations.


Hot Buttons

Ethics in the Electronic Era: 25 Ways to Get in Trouble With Technology

An Ohio court decision has serious implications for how technology can be used in exhibits—and for how forensics experts can do their jobs.
By Sharon Nelson and John Simek


Tips & Tricks

Untangling Web Addresses: When Capital Letters Matter–And When They Don’t

Pointers about case sensitivity.

By Dan Pinnington


Product Watch

Make a New Year’s resolution to try some new technology.
By Nerino J. Petro, Jr.




Following the Road Map to Retirement Security

Advice on how to cross the difficult chasm between knowing what funds you need for retirement and actually getting there.

By David Bilinsky and Laura Calloway



Before You Leave: Making the Marketing Handoff

Steps to take to transition vital marketing-related assets before a partner retires.
By Sally J. Schmidt



Envisioning Your Active Retirement Years

Exercises to help you prepare for the next exciting stage in your life.

By Marcia Pennington Shannon


Rip It!

Essential Attributes of Successful Managing Partners

A checklist of skills to look for when evaluating candidates to lead your firm.
By Jo Smith