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Rising to the Top

Tips for a Smooth Transition

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September 2007 Issue | Volume 33 Number 6
Table of Contents


From Partner to Leader: Six Tips for Making a Successful Transition

You’ve been named managing partner, and you feel uncertain about how best to make the transition to executive leadership. The president of Briggs and Morgan shares his firsthand pointers to help you make the jump.
By Alan H. Maclin


The Tensions of Leadership: Learning to Balance the Ends

As a new leader, you may feel confused just when you want to appear decisive, or overwhelmed just when you want to appear in control. You will struggle with issues such as whether to force change or accept the status quo—or whether to keep colleagues close or maintain a distance. There are a number of leadership tensions—the ongoing dynamics of the job—that all leaders face. Learn to navigate them successfully and your journey will be a far better one.
By Patrick J. McKenna


Rising to the Top: Women Lawyers Take the Helm

2007 may be a watershed year for women lawyers moving into the top tiers of firm leadership. Law Practice talks with four women who have made the journey and are inspiring the next generation of law firm leaders.
by Steven T. Taylor


A Managing Partner’s Guide to the Best Leadership Books

You can’t be a great leader of your law firm unless you understand the principles of leadership.
By Thomas C. Grella


Law Practice Case Study
Are You Prepared to Lead? Advice on Accepting the Top Spot in Your Firm

In the latest installment of the Law Practice Case Study series, a partner wonders whether she’s the right person to lead her troubled firm.
By Norman Bacal, Simon Chester, Marci Krufka and Michael Simmons



Column Spotlight: Q&A

Who Is... Matthew Homann?

The story behind a big thinker and renowned blogger.
By Mark Tamminga


Tips & Tricks

Squeezing More Time Out of Your Laptop’s Battery

How to keep your laptop’s juices flowing when you can’t plug in.
By Dan Pinnington


Hot Buttons

Embracing Electronic Marketing

A rundown of the many tools you should be putting to use.
By Sharon Nelson and John Simek


Product Watch

RFID, road tools and more hot product news.
By Nerino J. Petro, Jr.




Establishing Financial Goals: Tips for New Leaders

From key statistics reports to training timekeepers, what you need to know to effectively lead your team.

By David Bilinsky and Laura Calloway



Getting Proactive in Your Marketing Efforts: How to Take the Lead

Tired of merely reacting to marketing opportunities? There is a better way.

By Sally J. Schmidt



A Quick Guide to Good Project Management

The matter is huge, with multiple components and deadlines. Here’s advice on organizing the tasks, time and people to get the job done.
By Marcia Pennington Shannon