October 23, 2012

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In Up or Over

Making Partner

It's Up or Out No More as Alternatives Shake up the Traditional Partnership Model

 Table of Contents

Law Practice Magazine — Table of Contents


Making Partner-Or Not: Is It In, Up or Over in the 21st Century?

There is no doubt that the partnership model is continuing to change in firms of all sizes-with multiple consequences. Among them is a trend toward fewer homegrown associates achieving equity partnership. But the changes are also leading to an unprecedented range of alternatives to traditional partnership.
By Janet Ellen Raasch


Is There Life After Law Firms? Getting Off the Partnership Path

Law firm life is not for everyone. Here's advice for lawyers who want to pursue a new passion-from how to find yours (it's behind the cheese), to methods for making sure the next path you walk leads to a happier place.

by Marcia Pennington Shannon


From the Courtroom to the Classroom

By Michael T.M. Shannon


From Antitrust Lawyer to Executive Coach

by Deborah Katz Solomon


Law Practice Case StudyDeal or No Deal? Advice for Evaluating the Partnership Offer

In the latest installment of the Law Practice Case Study series, a fictional associate has second thoughts about her firm's offer of partnership.
By Diane Cronk, George Kaufman, Laura Reid, Gerry Riskin and David Sorin


NEW Communications Column

What REALLY Works
Identity Update for a Full-Service Firm

Too many firms rely on safe, bland marketing—and wonder why it fails. What happens when a firm does break out and tries something new? In this first installment of LP’s new column on creating effective marketing communications for real firms, LMA Hall of Famer Ross Fishman takes us inside Shefsky & Froelich’s marketing transformation.

By Ross Fishman



Column Spotlight: Q&A

Who Is...Andrew Z. Adkins III?

Meet this groundbreaking legal technologist and educator.
By Mark Tamminga



Collaborative Discovery: How Web Sites Are Leveraging the Minds of the Crowd

From Google to Digg to StumbleUpon, harnessing the input of the many.
By Rick Klau


Hot Buttons

The Browser War No One Came To: Internet Explorer Marches On

With the release of IE 7, the market share gains of Firefox and others are likely to stall out completely.
By Sharon Nelson and John Simek


Tips & Tricks

Your E-Mail Signature: It's More Than Meets the Eye

Are you getting all you can from your signature? Take easy steps to do more now.
By Dan Pinnington




Looking Partnership in the Mouth: How to Examine the Underlying Metrics

PPP, gross revenue per lawyer, average compensation. What's really behind the rankings of "highly profitable firms"?
By David Bilinsky and Laura Calloway



When Is a Credential Really a Credential? Assessing Lawyer-Ranking Directories

Consider cost, ethics, effectiveness-and ego-before choosing lawyer listings.
By Sally J. Schmidt



When the Message Is "Out": Steps to Ease the Termination Process

"Up or out" still applies in most firms, but there's a humane, professional way to say good-bye. Here's step-by-step advice.
By Marcia Pennington Shannon