October 23, 2012

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Law Practice Magazine — Table of Contents


The Smartest Marketer Around: What New Associates Should Know About Marketing

Learning to market is about taking control of your career. For new associates, it’s about proving yourself to management and showing you can add value, too.
By Allison Wolf


Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

Your introductory description-a.k.a. the "elevator pitch"-is your introduction and description of who you are and what you do. It is your opportunity to define (or redefine) your personal brand or your reputation.
By Catherine Alman MacDonagh and Beth Marie Cuzzone


Being a Good Boss: Dos and Don'ts for Working with Your First Assistant

To help new lawyers through the being-a-boss jungle, here’s a crib sheet for how and how not to act.

By Paul McLaughlin


How Law Firms Make Money: A Revenue-Generation Guide for New Associates

To optimize a firm's return on investment, everyone-even associates-needs to grasp the economics of the practice. Here's a primer on the cycle
By Ronald L. Seigneur


The Art of Making Rain: Seven Steps That Give Associates an Edge

Learning rainmaking skills early on will help you seal more deals in your career.
By Lawrence M. Kohn and Jill Rose Kohn


The Culturally Savvy Associate

Transactions across time zones and cultures are commonplace—and not just for experienced international lawyers. So how does an associate prepare to thrive in this increasingly global environment?
By Janet H. Moore


Associate Technology Challenges: A Snapshot of Need-to-Know Applications

From knowledge management to case management, an introduction to law firm-specific technology tools.
By Browning Marean


Who’s Running the Show? A Peek Behind the Firm Management Curtain

If you’re an associate wanting to effectuate change in the firm, here’s what you need to know about how law firm management really works.
By Edward Flitton


Law Practice Case Study
Out on a Limb: Bouncing Back from a Bad Review

In the latest installment of the Law Practice Case Study series, a fictional associate needs advice after his first performance review. Offering recommendations on the scenario are Martin Camp, Barbara Miller, Reid Trautz and Richard Turnbow.



Column Spotlight: Q&A

Who Is... Dave Hambourger?

Meet this groundbreaking legal technologist and law firm CIO.
By Mark Tamminga



Leveraging Connections Online: Sold on LinkedIn

This social networking site promotes interesting and personal connections.
By Erik J. Heels


Hot Buttons

Safer Networks: Keeping the Security Willies at Bay

Can you really design and build a completely safe network? The short answer is no-but you can keep it as secure as possible if you follow this advice.
By Sharon Nelson and John Simek


Tips & Tricks

I’m Not Here Right Now, Please Leave a Message {Beep}

Are you using voice mail as effectively as you could? Here are ways to avoid wasted time and frustration.
By Dan Pinnington


Product Watch




Mind Your Own Business! (Capturing Time and Billing It, That Is)

What financial information should a firm share with associates?
By David Bilinsky and Laura Calloway



What Your Associate Wants You to Know about Your Working Relationship

To help improve your working relationship with associates, here are some commonsense—and some provocative—suggestions.
By Marcia Pennington Shannon



Cultivating Your Existing Network: Tips for New Associates

Even freshouts have a range of relationships that can enrich their business development efforts. The key is to understand the significance of who you already know.
By Susan Saltonstall Duncan