October 23, 2012

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Google and Zoho Web-Based Tools Face Off Against Microsoft Office

Law Practice Magazine — Table of Contents


Technology Roundtable

A provocative group of legal technologists—all past or present chairs of ABA TECHSHOW®—survey the legal tech landscape. Telling what's new and next is David Bilinsky, James Calloway, Simon Chester, Jeff Flax, Sharon Nelson, Dan Pinnington and Mark Tamminga.


The Online Office: How Google's and Zoho's Tools Match Up Against the Big Gun

Word processing, spreadsheets, collaboration tools—all are available on the Web. But how do these Web-based applications stack up against Microsoft Office?
By Tom Mighell


Speech Recognition: Is It Finally Ready for the Law Office?

New speech recognition products offer significant improvements over their predecessors. Plus: Nerino Petro's “All-in-One Headset Solution” and Stanford P. Hill's “Digital Dictation: How Sweet It Is.”
By Nerino J. Petro, Jr.


Law Practice Case Study
Tips for Technology Planning: Advice for Smaller Firms

In the latest installment of this new Law Practice series, a fictional partner in a small law firm needs advice on revamping his firm's technology strategy. Offering recommendations on the scenario are Wells Anderson, Richard G. Ferguson, Debbie Foster, Joseph L. Kashi and David G. Ries.


Advertising on the Internet: How to Build Online Awareness for Your Law Practice

In this preview from the third edition of The Lawyer's Guide to Marketing on the Internet, the book's authors define the basics of Internet advertising and best practices, including, a primer on the dos and don'ts of online visibility.
By Richard P. Klau, Deborah McMurray and Gregory H. Siskind



Hot Buttons

Smoke and Mirrors: Fabrication and Alteration of Electronic Evidence

Digital touch-ups, e-mail spoofing, phishing, metadata missteps—the list of ways to tamper with things electronic grows longer (and stranger).

By Sharon Nelson and John Simek


Product Review

Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional: Reasons to Put It on Your Shopping List

Acrobat just got better in ways that will matter to lawyers—especially litigation practitioners.

By Simon Chester


Product Review

Adobe Acrobat Connect

Adobe launches a solid new player in the online conferencing arena.
By Mark Tamminga


Tips & Tricks

Why to Get Excited about Plain Old Explorer

A look at what's different about Windows Vista—and whether to upgrade.
By Sharon Nelson and John Simek




Unearthing Your Hidden File Management Costs

From storage expenses to lost time, understanding the real cost of managing and retaining your files.
By David Bilinsky and Laura Calloway



How to Make the Most of Your Lateral Lawyers

Many firms fail to maximize the unique marketing opportunities that lateral hires offer. Here are steps you can take to market laterals internally and externally.

By Sally J. Schmidt


Business Feature

Four Must-Haves for Practice Group Planning: Steps to Maintain Continuity and Promote Growth

Whether you're a practice group leader, a firm manager or a firm administrator, understanding the key drivers for effective practice group planning can ensure that your groups stay on course.

By Marci M. Krufka