October 23, 2012

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Rising to the Challenge


Law Practice Magazine — Table of Contents


Going Solo: Rising to the Challenge

Setting up a solo practice is a high-stakes gambit that's often fraught with potential for failure. Yet many who have succeeded-through both diligence and creativity-say they wouldn't have it any other way. Four lawyers who've set up their shops in recent years tell how they make their practices work.
By Steven T. Taylor


Wide Open Spaces: Advice for Starting Up a Solo Practice

In this inaugural installment of a new Law Practice series, a fictional lawyer considers the leap from big firm to solo practice. Offering recommendations on the scenario are practice management advisors James A. Calloway and Reba J. Nance, law firm administrator Lori J. Kannenberg and two outstanding small firm lawyers—Stephen J. Harhai and Cory Furman.


Locking the Doors and the Windows: Security in the Solo World

Solo and small firm practitioners might think that systems security is not a priority for them. But in today's world, no one is safe from thieves, hackers and malicious intruders. Here are steps for protecting your practice and your clients.
By Catherine Sanders Reach


How to Set Up a Law Library: Solutions for Solos and Small Firms

In a small firm, the task of finding, evaluating and buying reference materials falls to the lawyer, not a staff librarian. Here is a law librarian's advice on how to create a library that suits your specific needs—without spending a fortune. Plus, links to additional library set-up resources.
By Kara Phillips


Promises to Keep: Solving the Dilemma of Unfunded Deferred Compensation Plans

When your partners are ready to retire, will your firm be ready to fund the lifetime stream of retirement income that was promised? Scenarios and possible solutions for law firms to consider.
By Ann L. MacNaughton and Barton J. Bradshaw



Column Spotlight: Q&A

Who Is...Marc Lauritsen?

Meet this prominent legal technology developer, educator and evangelist.
By Mark Tamminga



Don't Fear the Technology: Why and How to Take a Ready-Fire-Aim Approach

Tackling the daunting task of selecting hardware and software.
By Erik J. Heels


Hot Buttons

No Longer Over the Horizon: Vista is at the Door

A look at what's different about Windows Vista—and whether to upgrade.
By Sharon Nelson and John Simek




A Financial Checklist for the New Solo Firm

Essential financial systems to help keep your new firm on course.
By David Bilinsky and Laura Calloway



Hiring Your First Employee: An Introduction

Be organized and think strategically to select the right employees.
By Marcia Pennington Shannon



How to Focus Your Marketing: Pointers for Solo Practices

Don't try to be all things to all people. The best and most effective marketing approach is focused and deliberate.
By Susan Saltonstall Duncan